Brand history: Nanushka – fashion revelation from the Danube

Shandra Sándor, founder and main designer Nanushki, fashion is in his blood. Her mother was one of the first Businesswoman in the industry Fashion in Hungary. She created a clothing brand for children and from an early age it was her daughter who was her muse, a model, and finally an assistant. Despite communing with fashion every day, Nanushka – because the father turned to the skew. The revelation came just after the seventeenth birthday, just when the girl had to decide on the field of study. The choice fell on London and one of the best fashion schools in the world – London College of Fashion.

Return to Budapest

Despite many development opportunities, London offered, just after graduating from his studies, Sándor decided to return to Budapest. The bold decision turned out to be one of the most responsible in her life. In 2005 – the year of founding Nanushki, the fashion industry in Hungary practically did not exist. International brands? Lack. Level of economic development of the country? He left much to be desired. However, it was in Budapest that the parents of the designer lived and worked, who not only could offer financial and spiritual support, but also many valuable contacts, so needed at the start.

Local success is not enough

The first Nanushki collection-proposals for spring-summer 2006 were accepted in Hungary with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, in Hungary and … only there. For the first seven years of activity, Marek sold only on the local market, which in retrospect Sándor assesses as one of the biggest mistakes she made when creating a brand. It also adds too much addiction to "external" advisers and a lack of trust in their own intuition. As a consequence, just after the tenth birthday, Marek was on the verge of fall, and the owner seriously considered closing the business.

From zero to hero

Happy coincidence – joining the life company Sándor's partner, Péter Baldaszti as a CEO, as well as a financial "injection" from the Fund private equity, who saw the potential in the brand made a new life in Nanushka. 2016 turned out to be a breakthrough year for the brand, but also full of challenges. The investment in the amount of nearly one million euros was associated with necessity rebranding and setting a new business strategy.

Social media ninja

One of the ideas to restore Nanushka to life was the use of communities media, mainly Instagram. This decision was probably to be the most important in the history of the brand. Thoughtful content, which the whole creative team is working on when planning posts well in advance, atmospheric, coherent with the bottom of the nanushka photos and a product that is difficult to determine differently than "Instagramable".

Clothes, accessories and accessories of Nanushki in a short time literally "flooded" Instagram. And not thanks to the paid influencers with millions of coverage. As she admitted in an interview with Whowhatwear.What.UK Designer:

Our strategy is about contacting or working with influencers who do not have many followers, but their style reflects our aesthetics. I like to dress women who reflect the brand.

Nanushka cooperates with Marta Cygan known as "Lifeofboheme".

Even now, she doesn't have many followers, but we still like to work with her because she has the same values as us – admitted Sándor in an interview with a

Perfect product?

In an interview with Sandor describes the woman for whom he designs:

A woman who inspires me is imaginary. He definitely has nomadic roots, he is always on the road, but he still feels at home everywhere, she can be at home anywhere, she is very confident, at the same time male and female. She is not afraid of loneliness, likes to travel alone, she is very open.

This vision translates into simple and elegant designs. Box jackets, loose pants, dresses in charming cuts and interesting shapes with a marked waist, finally emphasizing femininity. A lot of denim and vegan leather.

Simple clothes in wearing and styling, as well as – care. Quite affordable prices are also a plus. Marek also has – from autumn 2019 – a male collection.

Men's collection AW19, Source:

In the approach to fashion, Sándor is inspired by the vision of Stella McCartney and Chloe. I want to create clothes that will be in clients for a long time, they will not get bored after one season.

She also depends on the environment. Within five years, Nanushka is to become a balanced brand. To this end, she started working with Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The first step towards perfection is to give up natural leather, which has already encountered the applause of the brand's clients. Over 3/4 Nanushka products are created in Hungary. The brand also uses the help of manufactories in Serbia and Portugal, it also produces in China.


Successes on your account

Today the brand is made up of a team of 35 people. Shandra is responsible for the creative website, Peter for business matters.

The new strategy adopted by Nanushka brings results. According to the American "Vogue", Nanushka is a rising star among fashion brands. Its clients include Angelia Jolie, Charlize Theron, Gig Hadid, Dua Lipa or Taylor Swift.

/> Source: Whowhatwear.What.UK

In 2018. The brand debuted on NYFW and plans to get involved with the New York fashion week for longer.

Brand presentation during NYFW, source:

Nanushki projects are available in over 30 countries around the world. They can buy them clients from New York (in the superrequicular Bergdorf Goodman department store), Los Angeles (where the brand opened her last year pop-up store) and Chicago. Nanushka is also available in London, Moscow, Tokyo or Warsaw. Nanushka was the first Hungarian brand to hit the luxury Net-A-Porter platform. Was Fashion Director Platforms, Lisa Aiken explained the brand's success in an interview with Whowhatwear.What.UK:

I think it is due to their unique and contemporary projects that really move the boundaries of modern, suitable for wearing style – Nanushka provides its clients with something new at a fairly affordable price. Here is their magical recipe for success. Nanushki fabrics amaze me because of their high quality and finish, they are not only effective and elegant, but also light and soft to wear. I especially like their amazing vegan leather, which can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. This practical approach is great, you can safely invest in a vegan leather shirt, dress or pants because they are easy to maintain.

/> Lisa Aiken in Nanushka dress, source: Whowhatwear.What.UK

Own place on earth

Despite the presence in the largest department stores (last year, Nanushka started working with Liberty, is present at Galeries Lafayette) and on the Internet, the eye in her head for Sándor is the newly target boutique of the brand in Budapest.

Nanushka boutique in Budapest, source …

Nanushka Budapest Store & Café is located in the center of Budapest, at Bécsi Street in the fifth district. Two floors – a space dedicated to clothes and … eating. Yes, yes, nanushki boutiques are a shop and a cafe in one. The interior is decorated with intricate floral compositions and designer furniture. Deep, leather sofas, birch wood chairs and heavy marble tops, natural materials and delicate pastel colors. Fashion paradise? It can become him soon. Nanushka owners plan to expand the range of fashion vintage, obtained mainly from Romania, Transylvania, Prague and other nearby regions. An interesting fact is also a coffee bar besieged by the inhabitants of Budapest and crowds visiting the place of tourists. Afternoon with frozen espresso with tonic (mandatory item from the menu! I recommend!) surrounded by beautiful clothes and accessories? It is worth planning when visiting Budapest.

Nanushka boutique in Budapest, source: Theweek.What.UK

New Project

Love for travel, surrounding the world, as well as a constant desire to learn about other cultures, have become an incentive to start another project. "The Seeker" is a platform, a kind of internet warehouse through which Nanushka's team wants to share their inspiration with clients. Photography, art, food, fashion seen through the eyes of Nanushka.