The fashion industry goes to the election – you will join?

Anja Rubik, Anna Wintour, Misbhv or Katharine Hemnett a real icon when it comes to political commitment. None of these people hide with Swomi political choices, what is more, he does everything to interest others. Because each of us has a choice and it is worth using it.

Queen of T-shirts with a message

T -shirt with a slogan. There will be no collection without it today. A fashionable accessory, easy to styling – in a word must in every wardrobe. To whom we owe him? Great fashion houses, which in recent seasons have strongly promote t-shirts with a message (see-Maria Grazia Chiuri and her famous T-shirt We Should All Be Feminists)? Perhaps. However, it is possible that a photo of the British appeared on the inspirational boards of collections of the largest designers – Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett, which t-shirts with a mission in reality … created. It was them who, as one of the first, decided to take matters into their own hands and fight for the reality in which they live.

"58% do not want Pershing"

The first t-shirt in the history of Hamnett produced for a meeting with Margaret Thatcher. T -shirt with the inscription "58% does not want Pershing" summarizing research conducted among Europeans who expressed an objection to the deployment of the American Pershing rocket in Europe, the world was around the world, and the Thatcher herself struggled in considerable dumbfounded. This is how a new era began in the life of Hamnett-a active designer. It is difficult to mention today the topics she did not deal with. From climate change, through human rights, to geopolitical changes. Current campaign? There are several of them.

Not for Brexit

The most important of them is the action calling for withdrawing with Brexit (T-shirts with the slogans "Second Referendum Now" or "Cancel Brexit"), as well as anti-camping at Trump ("Vote Trump out"). Part of the revenues from the sale of T-shirts Hamnett allocate to selected public benefit organizations that support the same goals as the designer. Unlike other designers, Hamnett is a live advertisement of its products-where only it appears in t-shirts with a message to provoke discussion. And he likes to speak, especially on political topics. Does not give up anyone, and in the discussion he willingly draws the heaviest guns. In Great Britain, it is even said that her increased actions in the anti-break field meant that citizens, but also politicians began to change their minds. It is true that the end of the Brexit marathon is not yet visible, but Hamnett has not yet said the last word.

Fashion and politics?

Anna Wintour, the editor -in -chief of the American edition of the Vogue magazine and artistic director of Condé Nasta, also does not hide her political commitment. According to some, the most important person in the fashion industry. Every day he is hidden and economical in words and emotions – fashion shows only watched in sunglasses and with a stone face so as not to reveal his feelings in relation to the collection – she approaches politics completely differently. Wintour is a supporter of Democrats and she is not much lacking to announce it to everyone. The chief of the "Fashion Bible" organizes sponsorship events, where she collects donations for the Democrats party, and is also one of the most active donors. There is no resistance to put on a T -shirt with the image of your candidate, and the fact that it was designed by one of her favorites (in the case of the already famous T -shirt with the image Hillary Clinton It was Marc Jacobs), he remains secondary in this situation.


Hillary as president

On the occasion of the last presidential election in the USA, Wintour even went a step further. Hillary Clinton openly promoted among students during speeches at American universities, which caused murmurs of dissatisfaction among representatives of the fashion industry.

This is not because she is a woman, but because she is the best choice. I think Hillary runs a very strong campaign; I feel very confident – explained to the students of the University of York.

Clinton also went to "Vogue" (for the second time in her career), and the 10-page article with a session Mario Testino, which was released before the election, the eloquent title "Will Hillary Clinton will write a story again?". Wintour did what she could and it was partly thanks to her Clinton also became a candidate of the younger part of society. "Fashion on Clinton" gave up among American youth, and encouraged Kendall Jenner – icon millennials.

In the end, Trump won, but as they say – "There is a day tomorrow". The choice of a candidate that would seem to see few as the president, caused that the political discussion returned as a permanent element of the day of everyone, whom at least a little takes over the world around. The matter became serious, so other representatives of the fashion industry were also involved in the debate. And so they encourage Prabal Gurung, Torah Burn or Diane von Furstenberg.

BURCH TRY T -shirt, Carolina Herrera, Prabal Gurung, Source:

And so, until the next elections.

Don't waste your voice

The tense political situation in Poland means that also the citizens of our country are more and more seriously about fulfilling the obligation, which is voting in elections.

This year, two extremely important votes are waiting for us – the elections of the Polish national team in the European Union, as well as national parliamentary elections. This Sunday, we will choose candidates who will represent not only our country, but also ourselves. If we want to have something to say in this topic, there is only one way out – to cast an important voice.

Vote Together

One of the greatest advocates to exercise the right of voting is the Polish topmodel Anja Rubik. The star in Poland is a representative. As Rubik explains:

I will vote on May 26, because I want to influence who will represent me in the European Parliament and make important decisions that will decide about many elements of my life and my future, the future of my family and my friends. I will vote on May 26 because I am part of the European family and I will not disappoint my friends in France, Spain, Germany or Italy. I will take part in the Euro -Eastern because Europe is my home and I feel just as European as Polish.

Rubik is not the only Polish face of the "Vote Together" campaign. They also occurred in it The editor -in -chief of the Polish edition of "Vogue" Filip Niedenthal, director of MSN in Warsaw Joanna Mytkowska, influencer JULA KUCZYŃSKA or Topmodel Małgosia Bela. The heroes of the action were photographed by Zuza Krajewska, a photographer long involved in social projects.


"Vote Together" is not the only initiative related to the elections to the European Parliaments. Eurave is an event that promotes participation in European elections organized by the brand Misbhv. Action under the slogan "European WHO RAVE Together – Vote Together ”will take place on May 24 in Warsaw.

European elections are a very important vote regarding what Europe we want to live in. You and me, together, tomorrow. Can you really afford not to vote? Can you really afford not to worry about it? – It proclaims the inscription under a photo encouraging voting posted on the brand's Instagram.

Anyone can come to the party, regardless of the supported political option. There is no guest list and admission is completely free. Everything under the sign of integration. MISBHV explains the idea of the event:

We believe that each of us has great power to activate our friends today – he only has to use it. We should be aware that European elections are not some insignificant event, going somewhere far away, with the effects distant from us. On the contrary, – They are an extremely important vote on the future of our common Europe – Europe and me, in which we will live together, tomorrow.
Our event is 100% apolitical. We do not persuade him to vote for any of the options. We urge you to vote.

You will persuade yourself?

Today's political discourse leaves much to be desired. If such a situation bothers you, try to do something about it. Only acting together, like society and taking matters into our own hands, we have a chance to change this situation. It depends on us how the fate of Poland and Europe will go, and therefore ourselves in the future. The fashion industry is one of the few that has noticed the need for changes in this topic. Elections to the European Parliament this Sunday – May 26. This chance cannot be wasted.