Banksy surprises again. This time he speaks about Brexit

Banky , So an artist-Zagadka, a watchful observer, and also a bold commentator of world events, announced a few days ago that his as famous as the controversial work "Devolved Parliament" is once again put up at public view. Ten years since the artist's last exhibition in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, the facility reaches for Banksi's work again.

Universal picture

"Devolved Parliament" or one of the most famous works from the artist's Bristol is a special picture. Not only the gigantic dimensions of the work (4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high) are impressive, but also its controversial content.

At first glance, he presents the scene of the House of Commons. Only that on "Devolved Parliament" the place of parliamentarians was taken by … chimpanzees. Why? This is a field for your own interpretation, although the artist helps in this matter. Along with information about the temporary return of "Devolved Parliament" to the museum, Banks shared his thoughts with the world:

Laugh. But one day no one will be responsible for anything – He commented on Instagram, thus referring to one of his most popular works "Laugh Now".

Controversy for controversy

The action from "Devoted Parliament" proves that Banksy knows how to attract attention. Anyway, the world could find out many times. Recently, just a few months ago, when the auction at Sotheby’s was auctioned "Girl with a balloon" One of the artist's most popular works. During the auction, the image was … self -destruction, and Banks did not hide that He had his fingers in this matter.

Banksy about Brexit?

Given the confusion around Brexit, it's hard not to consider Banksie's actions as a commentary on what is happening in his hometown. The artist's spokeswoman, however, strongly denies:

["Devoted parliament"] does not constitute any Banksi comment on Brexit. It's just a temporary unveiling of the image in the museum.

Are you sure?

Is it possible that the artist who has not had problems expressing strong opinions so far does not want to share with the public his thoughts on Brexit, who as an Englishman applies to the most?