Trends review: Fashion shows set

In today's world, even the most beautiful clothing is not able to maintain a longer interest of the viewer. Scenography is different. Designers are outdoing each other in ideas, just to diversify the experience of a fashion show. Cooperation with artists, shows organized in exotic places (primarily collections cruise), happenings. Everything just attract attention and exist – even on Instagram.

Airport hall, beach, alpine village. Are we talking about the May weekend? Not necessarily. For most fashion fans, all these associations bring to mind .. Chanel. A brand that has organized a real show. Creating a scenery – the background for the collection is a real feat. Trends are also visible here too. Which reigned during the autumn/winter 2019 shows?

One of the most colorful topics that designers picked up. Louis Vuitton used the "installation" known from the center pompidou. Colorful pipes, hatches, connections made the viewer feel like a factory that is not available on a daily basis. Quite colorful, you have to admit. Plus lighting and music ("designed" by Dev Hynes) and we will remember this show for longer.

Inspiration Center Pompidou at the Louis Vuitton AW19 show, source:

Mark returning to the world of fashion (and shows) Kate falls She put on a pink. Nicola Glass, creative director of the brand has transformed the legendary Cipriani restaurant into a pink time capsule to transfer guests into the abyss of the 70s. In the middle of the room there was a unique building – a mini "mausoleum", in which the most important guests inhabited – the faces of the brand. The models walked – how differently – a pink carpet. After reports on Instagram, it must be admitted that the pink world of Kate Fate bought guests.

Scenography at the Kate Fate Aw19 show, source:

Sergio Rossi showroom Fashion Week He was closed in … a candy shoes factory. Artist Gary Card knows what is pleasant to the eye. Millenial Pink, Sweet cabinets and a beautiful product – regulation provided.

At second hand

Not every stage design must be like under the needle. Mismatched chairs each from a different fairy tale, plastic boxes and pallets as seats for the audience, old TVs, tape recorders and consoles as part of the stage design. Trend Second Hand He also reached the shows? Although it's hard to believe that he will stay here longer, the last one Fashion Week It was full of scenographs made of second -hand items. Brands such as Miu Miu, Marni or John Elliot found ideas for the show in … antiques.

90's. At the MIU MIU show, source: Boxes-sites at the John Elliot show, Source:

The most interesting was in Hermès. He organized the ultra -female fashion house and organized a male collection in … a warehouse. However, this was not a regular warehouse, but the state -owned state composition, which is visited by every newly elected French president when decorating his possessions. They have momentum!

State composition of antiques and location of the Hermès male show, source: Show Men's Collection Men's Antiques, Source: Weekend.lesechos.FR

Art, art, art

In many cases, the marriage of fashion and art is the basis for the functioning of fashion brands. One of the main initiators of this direction was Marc Jacobs, still in times Louis Vuitton. He was involved in cooperation with Takashi Murakami or Stephen Sprouse. Sterling Ruby was supported by Rafa Simons – in the collection and in the interior design of boutiques. The Alexander McQueen brand has created a special, limited edition of the famous scarves with skulls with Damien Hirst himself. It's about the collection, and what about the catwalk?

Here designers are also not idle. The Dior show for autumn/winter 2019 was inspired by the art of Italian artist Tomaso Bing. The walls of the show space were covered with photos of the "naked alphabet" created by the artist of … people.

Dior AW19 show, on the walls “ naked alphabet ” Source:

The stage design of the Valentino show was dominated by the installation of Robert Montgomere. Part of the project "Ghost in the Machine" – The luminous inscription as the background of the catwalk carried a message regarding interpersonal relationships. Or maybe also those from the category of human-utility? Any interpretation.

Valentino AW19 show, in the background the work of Robert Montgomere, source: Valentino show scenery, source:


Some focus on color, others on a dark experience. Interestingly, the latter solution seems to prevail.

Effect Chiaroscuro (chiaroscuro) at Gucci It was achieved thanks to the game of lights and mirrors. 120,000 (!) bulbs in combination with flickering mirrors, which surrounded the catwalk from each side, moved viewers to the world of darkness. An interesting idea, especially in combination with the Gucci style, which has little in common with dark climates.

Cobiar at the Gucci AW19 show, source:

Speaking of shows, you can't fail to mention Alexander de Betak, today probably the most famous manufacturer of fashion shows. Even the simplest idea de Betak is able to change into something unusual. He works with the largest (aforementioned Dior or Kate Spade), which is why he can "go crazy". Exactly as in the case of the Saint Laurent show. Inspired by "Infinity Rooms" Yayoi Kusmy (an artist whose marriage with the fashion industry has been going on for years – see LV collections) for Saint Laurenta He created a light cascade. The cords hanging from the ceiling with light points (for variety – in blue) were the only catwalk decoration, and the models were shining in the dark. Thundering effect.

STAGE SCIENCY SAINT LAUTERN prepared by Burea de Betak, source: Fluoresenic effects at the Saint Laurent show, source:

AT Boss Guests admired the catwalk made of mirrors. Cool, industrial interior and fluorescent lights illuminating the catwalk from above, created a climate like from an abandoned hospital. On the one hand, dark, on the other, the models and the models looked like … they were walking on the water. Did the designer of the scenery have a cult show in his head Fendi?

run “ water ” At the Boss AW19 show, source: The light game in the stage of the Prada AW19 show, source:


As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas for a good set design. First of all – it must look. After all, today Instagram is the main playmaker in business. The budgets of the largest fashion houses are unlimited, therefore they can afford what they want, and everything in the name of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, do fashion shows in the current formula have any future ahead of them? The division between seasons disappears, customers "force" acceleration on brands. How to solve the problem of shows in this situation? Does their organization, which entails horrendous costs, still makes sense? This question still remains unanswered.