We x -ranged: Gucci in trouble. Will the brand overcome the crisis?

Dolce first&Gabbana (not once, not two), later Prada, and today … Gucci. Italian fashion houses have a problem with a lack of sense. It should be internationally – as befits a luxurious brand – it comes out at least backyard. What was going on this time?

Slip -up what little

Last week, the world saw a controversial turtleneck Balaclava Jumper. Black turtleneck, in typical for Gucci an insane price ($ 890 per item) after developing reached half the face, revealing the large red lips. Not only that, to put it mildly, not very kind to the eye, it is also with a cultural overtones. On the Internet it boiled. Daredevils who tried to defend Gucci were few. The vast majority were outraged Internet users, who did not change their words, giving vent to their anger.


The scale of negative reactions was so large that the brand did not think long what to do with the controversial turtleneck. It was immediately withdrawn from the sale, and the company apologized for the "unfortunate" product on Twitter:

Gucci deeply apologizes for the insult caused by Balaclav Jumper. We confirm that the item has been immediately removed from our online store and all stationary stores. We believe that diversity is the basic value, fully observed, respected, which stands behind each of our decision. We fully engage in the dissemination of diversity throughout our organization, and we treat this incident as a huge lesson for the Gucci team and more.

Attack on each side

The problem may have spread to the bones (as in the case of the last scandal at Prada), if not for a sharp reaction Dana dapper. The entrepreneur and designer, closely cooperating with Gucci for several seasons, has strongly criticized Golf and … called "to the rug" the bosses of Gucci.

Let me just remind you that Dapper Dan was the hero of the last loud scandal with the Italian brand in the lead role. Alessandro Michele "He was inspired" his project from years ago and released Gucci as his own. The scandal quickly caught – Yes, yes Internet users. The Gucci reaction was rapid – Dapper Dan was baptized with "inspiration" for Michele, and the entire collection (Gucci Cruise 2018) was "a tribute to the American designer".

Shortly after, the brand established even closer relationships with DaPper Dan. Michele and Dapper Dan created capsule collection, and Gucci has restored the legendary designer studio in Harlem. Gucci knows how to apologize ..

DAPPPER DAN in his atelier again opened thanks to the support of Gucci, source: Nytimes.com

So will the incident with the turtleneck away the brand is dry?

Dana Dana words indicate that it may not be so easy. He shouted on Twitter:

Another fashion house did something outraged. There is no excuse or an apology that could erase this kind of insult. The General Director of Gucci agreed to come from Italy to Harle this week to meet me, together with members of the community and other industry leaders. We cannot talk about inclusivity without responsibility. I will be responsible for everyone.

Gucci in trouble

In Gucci, probably everyone felt in the fire. Fashionista portal.Com has reached an internal letter made by the Marco Bizzarri brand CEO, in which he expresses great pain in connection with the situation, and also emphasizes that he treats the whole event very seriously:

We made a mistake – Great – because of cultural ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse.

Bizzarri also added that he is working on implementing a program of global cultural awareness and a scholarship program, which is to increase the diversity in the creative office of the brand. At the same time, he announced that the Creative Director Gucci will give a separate statement regarding the case Alessandro Michele.

Marco Bizzarri and Dapper Dan, source: fashionista.com

Michele is Kaja

As befits a king millennials, Michele posted his thoughts on Instagram. According to his words, the sweater was badly received by the lack of context. In fact, this project – according to Michele's assurances – was a tribute to the Australian artist Leigh Bowere and His camouflage skills, to his ability to question bourgeois conventions and conformism, to his eccentricity as a performer, to his extraordinary calling to a mascara, understood as a hymn to freedom – as Michele described in the issued statement.

At the same time, he admitted that sometimes similar projects can go in a completely undesirable direction, as with the turtleneck described, for which Michele takes full responsibility. Creative director Gucci also emphasized that throughout his life he tries to fight marginalization, and his work is to be confirmed by his work. At the same time, he expressed the hope that the situation he led to would be forgiven to him.

According to the ranking Forest Gucci is the most popular brand in the world. Since Alessandro Michele took over the reins there, Gucci does not leave his mouth fashionist. Indeed, the scandal from the last week meant that even the most "resistant to fashion" had a chance to hear about Gucci. Will they be able to erase the first – bad – impression? Will be hard. Gucci must try.