Case study: Prada and Gucci are fighting the crisis

Prada went for a key ring, the Gucci fashion house was exposed to a turtleneck. In a small time, both Italian brands found themselves in a rather troublesome situation. Too frivolous approach to fashion paid off with a wave of endless criticism. Like Italian fashion houses, they started to resolve the crisis?

Action-Reaction at Prada

It all started with a collection of key rings and charms reminiscent of monkeys. Black figurines composed of several elements with huge, red lips appeared in December in boutiques Prada As part of the "Pradamalia" collection. Not only the brand's clients, but also passers -by, came across "Pradostwory", because the figurines have become one of the main elements of the site's decor. Flabled customers, among them Chineyere Ezie, a lawyer specializing in human rights, went to Twitter and Instagram to describe their thoughts on the activities of the Italian fashion house. The accusations against the brand and the allegations of racism, lack of respect for culture or distribution of stereotypes, appeared almost immediately. As on the internet.

Interestingly, Prada did not decide on effusive translations, but she chose a peaceful solution:

These are imaginary creatures that have no reference to the real world, and certainly not "blackface". The Prada group has never intended to offend anyone, we are disgusted with all forms of racism. Therefore, we decided to withdraw the characters from sites and from sales – gave the brand in a statement.

Removal of products from the offer was the first – but as it turned out for the brand's customers – an insufficient step towards improving the image of Prada. The Italian fashion house decided to act.

Prada improves its image

Last week, the Italian brand announced another important step to help save the image, and at the same time in changing the world. Prada has established cooperation with the artist and activist Theaster Gates and a writer, director and producer Ava DuverNay. Gates previously cooperated with the marriage of Prada-Berttelli (husband of MiUcci, co-managing the brand) in projects for Fondazione Prada, focusing around the problem of black -hearted treatment in the world. DuverNay is known in as the director of the film "Selma", for which she received the nomination for Oscar. Both ladies will join the board of Prada Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council – a team watching over the provision of diversity inside the brand. The goal of the newly provided body will be to create conditions for the development of talented students by funding them by organizing discussions, conferences and projects in cooperation with experts.

Prada is involved in cultivating, recruiting and stopping talented people [originating] from different environments, in order to contribute to the development of each of the company's departments. In addition to supporting diversity in the industry, we will help to make the fashion world reflect the world in which we live. – explained in the issued statement by Miuccia Prada.

Gucci is taking an example

Another brand that had to face the crisis in recent days is Gucci. A wave of criticism fell on the Italian fashion house after they appeared in the brand boutiques Black turtlenecks, which, when developed, showed the image of large, red lips. The association was too literal. Internet users grabbed the keyboards and after a few hours the terrifying photo of the model in the turtleneck circulated the world.

Proponents, opponents and even Bilscy colleagues of the brand took the floor on the matter. DAPPPER DAN, A black designer, who has been connected by quite a closer relationship with Gucci for several seasons. He did it so effectively that the brand spokesman, and designer Alessandro Michele, and even Marco Bizzarri, or the CEO of the Gucci fashion house. As in the case of Prada, the withdrawal of the controversial product from the offer and the apology were only the beginning of the problem of the problem.


Behind the words of Gucci and Alessandro Michele deeds went. The brand has just announced an improvement plan.

First of all – new designers. As many as five designers is to join the brand's design studio immediately. The creative director of the brand will choose, and the newly assigned designers will be looked after by mentors who will help in their implementation into the company.

Secondly – a new director's position. Gucci is currently looking for a person who will take the position of the director of DS. diversity and integration. His sentences will focus on recruitment rules, Gucci educational programs and the Gucci Changmakers volunteering initiatives. Global Director of DS. Diversity will be supported by regional directors – employed in each of the brand branches.

Third – educational programs for employees. Starting from May, Gucci will implement training on the subject of diversity inside the company. The program will cover 18,000 brand employees from around the world.

Fourth – scholarship program. Intended primarily for talented youth dreaming of a career in the fashion world. Classes are planned in New York (or more precisely in Harlem – a district, from which DaPper Dan comes from), Nairobi, Tokyo, Seoul, New Delhi, Hangzhou, Beirut, London and Dubai.

Fifth – a mentor program. Gucci employees will be able to establish cooperation with mentors at the Italian brand's seat.

A blessing in disguise?

Prada and Gucci's plans promise to be interesting. Betting the education of young people and employees of the company, scholarships, as well as increasing control over brand activities through new supervisory centers is a good plan. Given the quick response, both brands passed the PR crisis exam to five.