Frida Giannini returns to fashion?

In an interview with the Italian newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore", a designer who disappeared from Gucci's departure from "radars" of the public, announced a return to the fashion world this year.

Women's designer

Her parting with the Italian fashion house four years ago was a shock for some, for others it happened far too late. Giannini, who took over the rudders from Tom Ford, dripping the brand dripping the brand into a sophisticated proposal for elegant women. The projects "with pepper" were rare, there was a lot of color, some extravagant styles and a few sales hits.

Although today – when Gucci is leading in all kinds of rankings, and fashion houses would give a lot to get to know this business secret – it is unthinkable, during the rule of Giannini Fama, who went to Gucci since the time of Tom Ford began to weaken, and customers were decreasing. The designer did not adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing market, she was completely unable to find a way to hear the world about the brand (in Poland she found it for it, referring to Italian projects describing her stylization in an interview – remember “ It is Gucci ”?). There were voices among fashion lovers that the Italian fashion house lost its character.

The last Giannini collection, spring/summer 2015, source:

Away from the flashlight

At the beginning of 2015. Giannini together with the then partner, and today her husband Patrizio di Marco (then Gucci CEO), left the company. After saying goodbye to the Italian fashion house, hearing about Giannini was almost completely lost. It is known that the designer married Di Marco (she went to the Valentino Piccioli duo to the wedding & Chiuri), she was hidden in a country estate and devoted her daughter Greta to raising his daughter.

Frida Giannini with her husband Patrizio di Marco, source:

As she admitted in an interview with the Italian newspaper, it was a time of rest from the tinsel and the crazy pace that her work at Gucci imposed, and whose foretaste we could see in the document p.T. “ The Director: An evolution in three acts ” dedicated to the designer.

When you are absorbed in work in the [fashion] industry, you are struggling with media interest and fast pace, you have little time to reflect and find objectivity. These years “ looking ” On the side they were positive because of this – admitted Giannini in an interview with the Italian newspaper.

Was she not missing fashion? Probably not necessarily, considering how long a break in the designer's career lasted. This does not mean, however, that Giannini said goodbye to work for good.

Quiet projects

After leaving Gucci, the Italian started charity – in 2017 she joined the board of the Save The Children – Foundation; Without the glow of flashes, conference and declaring this fact to the whole world. So as he likes. As she has repeatedly admitted in interviews, working for others and helping those in need is something that he definitely finds. Still in the times of Gucci, together with Beyonce and Salma Hayek, she created the "Chime for Change" project supporting women.


Giannini received the "Unicef Women of Compassion" award for charity activities. Last year, completely without publicity, but with great success, she combined both passions in one project. For the OVS network, she designed a capsule collection, from which the Save The Children organization supported the income.

Campaign of the collection for OVS, Source:

Plans for the future

In an interview with "Il Sole 24 Ore", the designer admitted that during the "fashion vacation" she received offers from the industry many times: