The 10 most valuable and strongest brands in the world

Brand Finance, a company specializing in strategy and brand valuation, has just published "Apparel 50 2019" as every year. The report summarizes the strongest and most valuable brands in the clothing and jewelry category.

As in the previous year, this is also the case with the brand Nike – following its motto – "Just do it" – took the first place in the ranking of the most valuable brand in the world. It is hardly surprising. Estimated value brand – $ 32.4 billion – is amazing. Interestingly, this value, compared to the previous year, increased by as much as 16%. How Nike does it? Good sales in China and Europe as well as some controversial campaign and the brand is on the lips – and feet – of the world.

The brave Nike marketing makes the brand stand out in the overcrowded sportswear market, at a time when customers are looking for experience and emotions – This is how Nike's success was explained by Richard Haigh, managing director of Brand Finance.

Sport rules

It is true that the second place in the ranking does not belong to the sports brand – about which in a moment – but the strict leading is closed by the biggest rival Nike – Adidas. Although the difference in valuation between brands is colossal (Adidas is $ 16.7 billion), there are areas where the German sports giant wins with Nike. According to the report, Americans show a special passion for Adidas.

Fast fashion is doing well

Chain stores do not want to stay behind and defend their positions strongly. The exposed place in the ranking belongs to Zary. The Spanish brand – a real giant among chain stores (value 18.4 billion, an increase of 6% compared to last year), although it cannot compare the value with Nike, but in its category he is second to none. Trends, collections, fast deliveries ("Instant Deliveries"), immediate replenishment of warehouse stocks. In addition, modern stores, convenient and simple mobile shopping. Zara found her way into customer wallets.

Not only Zara?

However, the streak of chain stores does not apply to everyone brand. H&M fell just behind the podium and took fourth place in this year's ranking. In this case, the results are disappointing. During the year, the value of the Swedish brand dropped by as much as 16% to USD 15.9 billion. The reasons? Problems with prolonged deliveries, complaints from British customers about incorrect sizes, unsold designs remaining in stock.

Representation fast fashion in the ranking is completed by presence Uniqlo. The Japanese brand took the seventh place in the ranking. Up two positions – compared to last year – and the largest increase in value – by as much as 48% (up to $ 12 billion), Japanese brand can owe Roger Federer. The contract with the tennis star wasn't just one of the hottest news in the industry – both in clothing and sports, but also met with a very good response from customers. Anyway, Uniqlo is a unique brand. What distinguishes it from other chain stores is its "basic" range, reasonable prices, good quality and … limited availability. While in Asia Uniqlo can be found everywhere, in Europe, the brand's stores are present only in the largest cities of Western Europe. Perhaps that will change soon. Because the brand has very bold plans. By 2020, Uniqlo wants to become the largest clothing chain in the world.

Luxury has mastered the rankings

In addition to chain stores and brands Sports, Brand Finance also included luxury brands among the most valuable brands in the world. Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci and Rolex all made the top ten rankings. Cartier is the leader, whose value compared to last year increased by 39% to 13.6 billion dollars. Just behind Cartier, in the fifth place in the ranking was the brand Louis Vuitton. Interestingly, in terms of strength, Louis Vuitton takes a distant, only seventh place. The brand is ahead of Pad or Hermès.

The last three places in the ranking of the world's most valuable brands occupy Hermès, Gucci and Rolex. Especially the last two indications are surprising. Beloved by milennials Gucci fell by one position compared to last year. Could more interesting brands appear on the horizon? As for Rolex – the lowest valued brand among the top ten, the brand's results are enviable. During the year, its value increased by as much as 27% to $ 8 billion. What's more, in the ranking of the strongest brands, Rolex takes the honorable first place.

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They have strength

The most worth does not mean the strongest. The ranking of the strongest brands has mastered brandy luxurious. The already mentioned Rolex, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, but also not included in the ranking of brands of the highest value – Prada, Coach and Bottega Veneta. Among the more friendly brands of Marek – only three – Nike (second place), Zara (fifth place) and.. Bershka (eighth place). Do millennial They started shaking business? The ranking results show that this group of clients is not worth underestimating. Attachment today is a greater chance of success in the future.

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