Luxury and social media brands

Just a few years ago, no one would suspect Chanel, Hermes or Fendi about “romance” with social media users. Available for everyone, democratic applications such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat are completely not fit into the closed world (k) and luxury. Are you sure?

Business is a business and a meter of success in this case will always be money. So why would luxury brands reject the opportunity to do business? Especially that it is on Instagram, Wechacie or Facebook that there are customers. This is confirmed by Sophie Hill, creator of Threads Styling, i.e. a shopping app, which mediates in luxurious purchases for customers from around the world. You dream of the famous Celine letter? Ugly Shoes Balenciagi? Or maybe the latest Victoria Beckham handbag? You contact Threads Styling on Instagram or WhatsApp and it’s ready. Shopping – sometimes even in 24h – they go to your door. If the business had no future, none of the luxury brands would agree to cooperate with Threads Styling. In an interview with the Financial Times, Hill admitted that as much as 70% of customers of her website are currently millennial and Generation Z. It is not surprising – according to “Forbes” by 2025, both groups will be responsible for almost half of the luxury purchases in the world. And this is the future.

Luxury brands, although not immediately, saw the potential of social media. After all, this is one of the best, if not the best way to reach the client. Even the promising one. According to Digimind, an agency dealing with a reaction examination in social media and the impact of marketing on social media users, Instagram “won the hearts of luxury brands clients. As much as 93% of customers’ reactions concern the content posted by luxury brands on Instagram.

Some brandy They are doing better on the web, others worse, but if you follow the example – it’s only the best.

Here are the brands that have loaded the burden of the task, without losing at all of their “luxury”.

The Row

Although the young, today included in the category of ultra -large brands. Projects The Row They are so expensive that the very thought of the price makes you dizzy. However, you can always dream. “Child” of the Olsen sisters is a unique creation and this is also the brand’s instagram. It’s hard for products with The Row tag. There are paintings, furniture, landscapes, photos, sculptures and many other references. Clothes – a photo from time to time from time to time or lookbook, It’s just a cutscene. Instead of focusing on the product, the brand prefers to educate. There are so many more interesting topics – architecture, music, dance and many, many others. 1.1 million followers only confirm this.

Stella McCartney

The brand, about which we write a lot because there is something to write about. Breathtaking collections, struggle for the environment, a constant search for “impossible” – once it is skin from mushrooms, other times ecological glue. Everything he does Stella McCartney it does 100%. This also applies to the presence in social media. Each advertising campaign, promotional session or simply – a regular photo on Instagram, emphasize the mission and direction of the company’s development. Browsing photos on the brand’s instagram, there is no doubt that it is brand, which is guided by an important goal. A clear and coherent message – the British brand has achieved in this championship.


Brand shows are absolute must fashion month. Designer Pierpaolo Piccioli rises to the heights of creativity to give viewers (and clients) what they did not dream of even in the wildest dreams. Transformation Valentino , which we are witnessing is worth noting. Interesting cooperation – with young poets who received from Valentino the opportunity to present the world their work as part of the #Valentinoonlove project. Instagram actions like from @Subwayhands promoting reading and – by the way – the latest brand bag. And also the creation of VLTN, i.e. projects for slightly younger customers, which may not necessarily afford ball dresses, but the t-shirt or sweatshirt is at their fingertips. Consciously building a strategy in social media This is something that the brand is entitled to praise. From a slightly nudging mouse brand, which was associated only with a red carpet, Valentino grew up on one of the more popular brands. Not only among movie stars.


According to Insightpool agency examining trends in social media, The French fashion house is the most influential luxury brand in social media. Chanel has adopted an interesting strategy. None of the product can be bought via Instagram, Ba – the problem is even with shopping online. It has to be luxurious, and therefore unavailable. In his social channels, Chanel creates – thirst. And this strategy pays off. Regardless of whether it is a perfume or creation haute couture , The inability to buy the product immediately (which is unthinkable in today’s world) intrigues, maybe annoys and … makes us want it even more. It probably can’t be more luxurious.

Louis Vuitton

A brand that is hard to forget today. Her proverbial “five minutes” has been going on at least since June last year, when he became the creative director of the men’s LV line Virigil Abloh . Then it began. Rainbow show livestream For the whole world or hologram displayed on the flagship Louis Vuitton boutique in New York are just some of the ideas of the new creative director. On the one hand, they caused a lot of noise, on the other, customers will forget about it quickly. Poor strategy? Not necessarily. Louis Vuitton he has something much more interesting up his sleeve. Who among us does not dream of distant travels? Inspiring, somewhat exotic, surprising? Louis Vuitton took this trail, and the journey into the unknown (?) is one of the main themes of the brand’s narrative. The idea hit in 10. Especially since Louis Vuitton and travel are complementary stories. The brand, which started with the production of trunks, suitcases and travel bags, today returns to the roots inspiring to the trip to the unknown. And who of us sometimes doesn’t feel like it? The next opportunity on May 8 – from the JFK airport, at which the collection show will take place cruise Louis Vuitton. Travel planned.

As you can see strategies to act in social media There can be a lot. Some decide to promote the product, although in an interesting, unobtrusive way. Others instead of focusing on the brand, they “run away” into the world of inspiration. The key in each case is to identify the recipient well and treat it with such a message that will be remembered for longer. It’s a hard, but certainly feasible task (see above).