Met Gala 2020: We know the details of the event!

Met Gala 2020 It is planned for May 4, 2020. Although it remains to her for several months, we already know the theme of the gala. It will take place under the slogan “On time: fashion and duration”.

Met Gala 2020 is undoubtedly a unique moment for Metropolitan Museum of Art – Then the institution will celebrate the round 150. anniversary. For this reason, the theme was chosen, which perfectly refers to the circumstances – Next year’s exhibition will be devoted to the passage of time and fashion history. Fashion has no beginning or end, it’s the present – emphasized Andrew Bolton, Curator of the costume institute in MET. On the occasion of the unique anniversary, the exhibition will present 200 archival creations of such fashion houses as Chanel, Dior, Rei kawakubo if Alexandrer McQueen.

A film also became the inspiration for the theme of the event “Orlando” directed by Sally Potter from 1992 with Tilda Swinton in the lead role. It was based on the book Virginia Woolf with the same title.

The key figure of the event will be mentioned above Virginia Woolf, which will “appear” in the form of the so -called. narrator – spectrum. The exhibition will be supplemented with quotes from her books, which will create a kind of guide to the exhibition. As the organizers emphasize, Woolf’s work is to recall the idea of time presented as a continuum – Without the beginning, middle or end. Our goal is to capture a kind of tension between change and stability, transience and duration – explains Andrew Bolton, emphasizing that the way the exhibition shows the task of influencing the perception of fashion history.

The gala will invariably organized by the chief of the American edition of “Vogue”, Anna Wintour, which will be responsible for choosing a guest list. The hosts of the event were also chosen – They will lead her Meryl Steep, Emma Stone, Anna Wintour, Nicolas Ghesquière and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The main sponsor of the event will be the brand Louis Vuitton.

Met Gala, as every year, is the inauguration of a unique exhibition, which will be available at the New York Costume Institute from May 7 to September 7, 2020.

What do you think about the theme of the event? Are you also looking forward to what ideas this time will surprise us on the red carpet?