Burberry buys guilt?

… that is, joining the Make Fashion Circular initiative during last year's conference on sustainable fashion – Copenhagen Fashion Summit. This event attracts to the capital of Denmark every year eco freaks, But also business representatives who managed to understand that sustainable development is the future. It is thanks to them, and at the initiative of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, that the Make Fashion Circular project was created, to which, in addition to Burberry, also brands such as H joined&M, Stella McCartney, Nike or Gap Inc.

Make Fashion Circular

The idea of Ellen MacArthur, once an outstanding sailor, today a social activist involved in spreading the idea of sustainable development, is based on close cooperation between companies (mainly from the clothing industry) with representatives of the Foundation in order to find a golden remedy for ecological problems that the clothing industry is struggling with.

Make Fashion Circular activities are to focus around three postulates. The first of them is predicted by the creation of business models based on the principle that circulation ("circulation") of clothes, instead of throwing them out. The second postulate concerns the use of renewable and safe materials. The third point is to introduce solutions that will help turn old clothes into new ones.

Participation in the Make Fashion Circular project is the first of the rehearsals for Burberry "Disenchanting" the image of a company that cannot cope with the challenges of the modern world.

Step two ..

… that is, fighting with plastic. The brand recently joined the next initiative of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, i.e. New plastics economy Global Commitment This time addressed to both business (they also joined the program brandy such as Unilever, L’Oréal, Walmart Inc., Target, Carrefour) and government organizations. Representatives of both groups with the support of the Foundation devise a plan to fight plastic and pollution. Over 400 project members are working on implementing activities aimed at eliminating unnecessary plastic items, introducing innovations, so that all plastics are designed for safe reuse or are suitable for recycling. Summary of the actions taken so far can be found in report published by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Burberry puts on Upcycling

Burberry idea? Elimination of unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025. As Marek promises, by that time all plastic packaging will be suitable for re -use, recycling or will be biodegradable. Until now, only thanks to the elimination of laminate from purchasing bags and foil covers for clothes, Burberry has reduced plastic production by as much as 29 tons.

Welcome to the green club!

As a new member of the Renewable Energy Group, i.e. an organization of business leaders focused around the idea of renewable energy, Burberry has collaborated with Cupcycling. The brand subjected the process upcycling Over 11 million coffee cups. Paper shopping bags were created from them, in which the famous Burberry chefs are packed today.

In addition, by the end of 2019, the brand plans to replace all hangers, covers and plastic bags with an ecological option. Burberry also intends to launch a reimbursement program for used hangers, which will then be recycled and reused. Rain covers for shopping bags will be made of at least 30 percent of bioplastics and will be biodegradable. This goal is to be achieved by the end of this year.

Step three ..

… or incarnation Circular Economy into force. One of the main postulates of Make Fashion Circular became an idea for Burberry to fence two issues – business and image. The British brand (following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney) joined forces with platform resale Therealreal. Unfortunately, it is not about transferring things by the company with the Burberry tag (previously thoughtlessly destroyed) for sale at a lower price. This step is probably still too bold strategy for a luxury giant.

Award from Burberry

The brand proposed a "reward" system for sellers who want to let Burberry go into "world". And so people who put out clothes or accessories of the British brand can count on a gift in the form of a service Personal shopping In one of 18 Burberry showrooms in the United States. Like everyone, this stick also has two ends. Praise of resale and releasing things in circulation is one thing, the other is just a business. You sell unwanted Burberry items, and as a reward you get an invitation to … another shopping. It's just that already in the brand boutique.

Does Burberry have a chance for success?

On the one hand, waste and pollution, and on the other, high requirements on the part of clients and more and more awareness of existing threats. As it turned out, these problems do not even bypass luxury brands, what is more that companies from the so -called. "High shelf" must first of all be on guard. Burberry was aware of this – admittedly only after the outbreak of the great scandal, but as they say better late than never. Although not much time passed, the British brand took matters in soy hands and started working – and that's always the hardest. Now it remains to keep your fingers cross.