#Careermonday: Chief Fashion Officer – dream position?

Chief Fashion Officer This is a sensation on a global scale. Or Holla Rogers, appointed for this position, has just received the work of dreams?

Rogers adventure with Farfetch It started four years ago. Online platform in connection with development plans outside the Internet was bought by browns. What is this? A super -popular, thriving boutique with luxury fashion located at South Molton Street in London. The managing director of the project became Rogers and immediately started to work. Opened a new boutique under the banner of Browns, established cooperation with young brands (M.in. SIES Marjan), also took care of the appropriate exhibition of the most desirable brands ( Gucci , Saint Laurent). Although in the era of crazy development trade online Rogers did not have an easy task, her mission apparently succeeded. A few days ago the tasks of the DS Director DS came to the CEO of CEO. Fashion in Farfetch.


What does Chief Fashion Officer do?

that is the question. Due to the fact that Rogers is the first managing director in history (the so -called. position C-Level) DS. Fashion in such a serious company, its duties are difficult to wear in any framework. According to Farfetch for tasks Chief Financial Officera There will be coordination of the work of marketing, styling and visual merchandising. The new CFO is to ensure a consistent brand from the DNA and a uniform message in each of the communication channels. Rogers, as an experienced person in dealing with the client, is to transfer Customer Experience to a higher level.

[Its] reputation, high recognition in the industry, contacts and amazing aesthetics will be a huge benefit for Farfetch – argued José Neves, the founder and Farfetch CEO.

Interestingly, Rogers does not have a supervisor over himself, to whom she should report the results of his work (normal practice in the case of corporations). This may mean that Farfetch managers who are just building the presence of the brand outside the net. And it is very rich. Before Browns, Rogers came to the position of director in Net-a-porter (she started with the assistant's job), she also worked in Chanel (introduced collections to the American market Ready-to-Wear) and Neiman Marcus (as a merchant).