Marc Jacobs does not give up. The scandal with Nirvana is in full swing

In short – for the unlawful use of the logo and Nirvana's works in the collection “ Redux Grunge Collection ” American designer Marc Jacobs . I think everyone associates insalt a smiley face with crosses instead of eyes? The recognition of Nirvana's logo in yellow and black colors goes far beyond the sphere of music. Similarly with the band's songs. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or "Come As You Are" is on the one hand the hymn of the generation grunge, On the other hand – the music that everyone associates. Not only fans of sharp sounds. MARC JACOBS decided to use it.

Publicity above all

Not he is the first, not the last (see – Virgil Abloh and inspiration Michael Jackson in the latest collection for LV and his own brand), but whether Jacobs did not go too far? He "borrowed" the logo, gently converted, placed on clothes, added a background music, borrowed from – and how! – Nirvany and "inspired" grunge The collection sent to the catwalk. And caused a lot of stir.

The team (or rather what was left of him) was sure of their arguments to fight, submitting a lawsuit for a violation of the rights to the trademark. You didn't have to wait a lot for Jacobs' answer. The brand's lawyers requested the rejection of the lawsuit, arguing that the Nirvana logo does not belong to the team at all. As Kurt Cobain designed the cheerful face with crosses instead of his eyes, it was only his heir – wife Courtney love and daughter Frances Bean can decide about the fate of the logo. And according to Jacobs's lawyers, both ladies accepted the collection so the matter is simple. Let me for sure?

Fans are irritated (grunge and the catwalk fashion does not necessarily go hand in hand), lawyers are irritated. What will be the end of this dispute? Doubtful that we will know its finale. Similar stories rarely end in front of the public.