Colors of autumn 2019 according to the Pantone Institute

Pantone elections for autumn 2019 presented during New York Fashion Week They may surprise you. Especially the inhabitants of our climate zone, for which this time of year (except for the short period of golden Polish autumn) is still associated with plucha and a drastic decrease in temperature. On the streets it gets gray, universal black is settled in our wardrobes, we say goodbye to the color for a few months. The question arises – why? Is it about the belief that autumn requires a dark setting for years? Or maybe we are afraid to stand out from the crowd? If you feel that you are ready to accept the challenge of adding the color of the autumn street, insitut Pantone suggests – here are the colors worth remembering.

Chili pepper / biking red

Chili pepper recognized as the color of the autumn, refers to Fiesta, Załujaczenjate red, which stormed the spring-summer 2019 collections. Strong and determined, one of the favorite colors Frida Kahlo.

Sandra Oh in the creation of Jenny Packham, source:, chili color pepper, source:

While Chili Pepper has heat that adds a sense of drama and excitement, Biking Red is slightly deeper and not so warm – This is how Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Institute described.

Nicole Kidman already scored the first fitting in the color of the creation of Michael Kors during the gala Golden Globes.

Nicole Kidman in the creation of Michael Kors, source:, color biking red, source:

Crème de pêche / peach pink

The first of the “non -obvious” elections. Shades of peach are sooner associated with early spring than in autumn, but Pantone experts have no doubt that these two colors will enliven the autumn wardrobe.

Lady Gaga in Calvin Klein creation at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Source:, color Crème de Pêche, source: Kate Mara at the Golden Globes, Source: Eonline.Com, Peach Pink color, source:

Rocky Road / Sugar Almond

Luxury colors for hard on the ground. The name itself Rocky Road It brings to mind hiking and climbing, i.e. sports, which in recent years have gained popularity.

Rocky Road, source:

Sugar Almond Sweet on the one hand, sophisticated on the other. Colors-Bazy, just in time in autumn.

Tom Brady in Tom Ford’s coat, source:, color Sugar Almond, source:

Fruit Dove

According to Pantone experts, pink is the undisputed favorite of clients. It is not surprising that it also appears in autumn. Designers convinced him, they love him millennial. Will work in Total look, or in the form of an accent. It is worth remembering about pink.

Fruit Dove, source:


Another proposal for the brave. Dark Cheddar This is a mix of yellow and orange, in an ultra -large shade known for shopping bags Hermès. Adds shine.

Dark Cheddar, source:

As for the stronger Orange Tiger, As Eiseman explained – term “Tiger” He emphasizes the fact that there is power in this color. Apart from strong red, there is a strong orange. In styling – ideal as an addition – just like in a creation Very Wang Chosen by the WU WU for the Golden Globes Gala.

Constance Wu in the creation of Very Wang at the Golden Globes, Source:, color Orange Tiger, source:

Galaxy Blue / Bluestone

“ Galaxy Blue and Bluestone are more subdued shades of blue, similar to brown, more grounded. Shades of blue, which are more subtle – explains the director of the Pantone Institute.”

Connected can create fresh, modern loook.

Bluestone, source: Amy Adams in the creation of Calvin Klein by Appointment, source: Eonline.Com, Galaxy Blue color, source:


Deep, forest green. Another of the “bases” to build non -obvious autumn stylizations. Eden is an alternative to chosen black, grenades or gray in autumn. On the one hand, classic, on the other extravagant.

Eden, source:

Pantone Classics

Like every season, also for the upcoming autumn, Pantone experts have prepared a list of the so -called. classics. White, navy blue, gray and green, i.e. base colors in new, refreshed shades, announce the stylish autumn, for those who shun madness.

Vanilla Custard

At first glance, an ideal proposal for the bride. He is far from snowy white, even further to the cream. He began to appear on the red carpet (see LAda Gaga at the SAG hand) and the catwalks (the last Ralph Lauren show). In autumn, smuggled in the so -called. Basice.

Lady Gaga in Dior creation at the Sag Awards Gala, Source:, color Vanilla Custard, source:

Evening Blue

Deep blue (but not navy blue), which is perfectly combined with the culprits of the season. Red, oranges or – more extravagant – browns, they all seem to be created for steam with this Evening Blue.

Evening Blue, Source:


Elegant gray. In Poland, we would say “pigeons”. Between Srerb and Stal with a hint of white. Brings to mind softness and gentleness. A good alternative to heavy gray.

Dakota Fanning in Armani Privé creation at the Sag Awards Awards gala, Source: Eonline.Com, Paloma, source:


According to the Pantone insitutu Guacamole “ Spina ” all other warm colors and additionally conquers them. Interesting choice for one of the bases. Difficult, but smuggled in additions will be an interesting styling finish.

And which colors you will invite to your wardrobe?

Guacamole, source: