The best debuts of KTW Fashion Week. Who is worth looking at?

Is the 4-day Katowice fashion festival a chance to become the most important event in the industry? Everything indicates it. This year's KTW Fashion Week was held under the slogan Mentors & New Generations, And both popular Polish designers and a whole group of extremely talented debutants presented their projects in the 19th-century porcelain factory. Who made the best impression on us? We present our top 5 young designers who are worth watching.

A duo of advice

About the derived from Poznań A duo of advice It happened loud just before the presentation at KTW Fashion Week. All thanks to a hand -painted set in which Jessica Mercedes Kirschner performed during the New York Fashion Week. The original Outfit Jemerced has been captured in the American edition of "Vogue". This time, Juliusz Rusin and Maciej Jóźwicki were appreciated by the representatives of the PolyModa School, which awarded them a specially distinction.

The new Duo Rada Duet collection – Wiesia It is a story about Poland and the Slavic identity of Central and Eastern Europe. The creators define their collection as a bridge between the heritage of ancestors and looking into the future of fashion, art and culture. Customs and customs have been contrasted here with modern forms of clothing. Wiesia This is the first collection in which materials obtained from recycling were used to such a large extent – We find here both old curtains, treads, napkins, Hutsul Kilimy and rugs from Yugoslavia from the 1960s. They painted the eco -leather manually to faithfully reproduce the patterns decorating the Włocławek Fajans. In addition to them, straw, wicker, cutouts, harvest festival and motifs.


Waleria Tokarzewska – Karaszewicz

Love is love is a form of a social campaign promoting and supporting education on LGBT+. Sending the collection aims to spread consciousness, disseminate the topic and reach the largest number of recipients – While our views, decisions, faith or knowledge are our choice, it is neither orientation or skin color is not dependent on us, and therefore, regardless of the orientation or skin color, we are equal.

The inspiration for the creation of the collection is the courage of young people who, regardless of adversity and a frequent lack of understanding, find strength to fight for themselves, their fate, say loudly that they lack a sense of security and do not want to be marginalized.

The autumn-winter 19/20 collection from WTK will not be dedicated only to women for the first time. During KTW Fashion Week, the designer presented simple and daily forms that she combines in the strong and characteristic wealth of colors and prints – using your own graphics. He wants to show that, despite its contrasting otherness towards Polish street, these clothes are still utilitarian, still normal and functional. They are not a quirks, because being "different" – whether you are a clothes or a man, it is not bad, but beautiful.

photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny

Adrian Krupa

Adrian Krupa's collection is a show of imagination at the highest level. Modern, controversial silhouettes particularly caught our attention in the show of last year's winner of the competition Golden thread. The main inspiration of the collection from Rzeszów were human weaknesses, included in the modern aspect of this phenomenon. He was inspired by the observations of the phenomena that surround us and lead humanity to self -destruction. On the catwalk in Katowice, we were captivated by the glow of glitter and lurex creations. It is electrical and energetically – way to go!

photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny

Bobkova (Ukraine)

KTW Fashion Week has also become a great opportunity to promote young talents from other countries (including Ukraine, Hungary or Georgia). Work on the new collection Bobkova began by studying the history of women's emancipation. In the collection we saw at KTW Fashion Week, the designer re -interprets male classics and introduces them to the daily women's wardrobe. We particularly liked three-part suits transformed into pants with a free style or original skirt-spots, imitating wide pants with a high belt. The whole collection was maintained in subdued colors, and the strength of these monochrome sets was added by the original accessories. To sum up – Strength and femininity at its best.

photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny


It's time for streetwear Full of drafts, foil and ortalion. Mateusz Jarmuła creating a collection under the slogan The Pain of Being Normal inspired by current events in Hong Kong – A futuristic form of rebellion and a group struggle with the system for the freedom of the individual. The designer focuses on deconstruction, oversized silhouettes, full layers and discoloration. The collection is kept in gray-black colors. is adorned with fiery red symbolizing the fight and rebellion here.

photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny photo. Filip Okopny

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