Not only Ganni. 5 Danish brands that you will love

Fashion Week in Copenhagen is today one of the most interesting fashion events in the season. Danish brands fulfill everyone’s dreams – from ultra -conservative minimalists to the most colorful birds.

One of the most popular Danish brands today – Ganni – world streets conquered a good few seasons ago. A mix of colors and prints was delighted with bloggers and influencers, And projects with Ganni’s tag have become hits of sales from the place. The chains quickly reacted to the Danes’ proposals. It was not necessary to wait long for colorful sweaters, cowboy boots and dresses promoted by Ganni baby doll appeared in the “must have” sections. Apparently, copying is the highest form of recognition. In that case, the Ganni brand has already reached the peak. Will others be able to repeat success on such a scale?

Here are five Danish brands that have a chance to do it.

Designer Remix

Not all of them, but definitely one of the most stable Danish brands. He puts on ecology, a balanced approach – not only to fashion, but to life at all. Charlotte Eskildsen founder and creative director of the brand describes the Designer Remix mission:

I want to create eternal items – The fashion that women will store in their wardrobes for decades.

Simple, oversized projects with a definite advantage tailoring, They find followers among fans of minimalism a’la #Oldceline or Stella McCartney. During the past CPHFW, Eskildsen announced “ challenge ” Designer Remix. In short – the brand has two outputs – either creates only from ecological raw materials, or abandons a given project. Other brands also urge you to the same creator Designer Remix.

Timeless and … ecological. What more could you want?


Airy dresses, colorful skirts, prints and embroidery in a super -running climate. Lovechild 1979 goes towards Ganni, but in this case femininity faces trends. It’s nice to look, put on even nicely.

MADS Nørgaard

Loved by bloggers – King of Krat, belts and colors. On the one hand, simple styles, on the other, a mix of colors only for the brave. If you follow carefully streetstyle There is a good chance that you have already seen Norgaard’s checkered coat (created as under Instagram photo) or striped tops in unusual colors.


If there is a category of “typical, Scandinavian look“Holzweiler is fully fitting into it. This is a brand that arouses curiosity. Does not reveal much about itself, the use of cameras at shows is prohibited. She decides when and what the world wants to inform about. It was created only 7 years ago, starting with … scarves. The first, full collection of Holzweiler appeared on the market in 2014 and stormed – first Denmark, then the rest of the world. Appreciated by the best ( Vogue) consciously builds his image. Holzweiler collections are a lot of scarves (of course!), switers, some denim (western shirts with stitching are a hit), minimalist sneakers. It has to be warm and comfortable. By the way – it is ultra -high.

Stine Goya

A brand, whose presentation probably caused the greatest admiration during this year’s Fashion Week in Copenhagen. In the old library hall, Stine Goya organized a dance show. Models (or rather dancers) appeared in costumes that could easily compete with haute couture. What wasn’t there. Layers, sequins, tulles, prints, colors and textures. In a word – Everything Stine Goya became famous for in the world. By far the most “brave” from Danish brands (by the way one of the most ecological), leaving the competition far behind.. Dots, flowers, feathers, paisley in one stylization? No problem. Dress code Stine Goya women are pure maximalism.