Ranking – fashion schools that you will make an expert

Fashion schools are gaining popularity. They offer expert knowledge, gaining experience and practice at work in an international environment. If you bind your future with fashion, it may be worth thinking about education in this direction?

It is said that June is the best month to plan the future. The weather is going well, the holidays are still ahead of us, there are also several months to prepare for new challenges. Where to start? Here is the ranking of the best fashion schools in the world.

Not such a regular ranking

The Business of Fashion portal has been preparing its own ranking of schools specializing in fashion education since 2015. In previous years (except for the year 2018, when the portal took "free" from working on the ranking to think about its assumptions), the research was based mainly on numbers – granting schools grades in individual categories. This year's edition presents a completely different research approach. "The Business of Fashion" decided to grant the badges to schools – for the whole, for the authority in the world, for science experience and for the long -term "return on investment in science". The portal also distinguished three disciplines – Fashion Art Direction and Communications, Fashion Design and Fashion Business and Management. He rated each one taking into account the level of advancement. Two categories were distinguished undergraduate (i.e. training for people without higher education) and graduate.

The study covered a total of 138 programs conducted in 66 schools located in 23 countries. Interestingly, in addition to professionals and graduates of the schools discussed, students also took part in the study – In total, over 13,500 current and former students participated in the research program "The Business of Fashion".

Cooperation with the weight of gold

As the report's creators noted, among the examined schools you can see a clear change in the program towards practical classes, internships and projects performed with school partners. Polymeoda – Private Fashion School based in Florence – works permanently M.in. with Emilio Pucci and Maxmara. Students of another Italian university – Roman Accademia Costume E moda cooperate with the hottest brand of the last few seasons – Gucci.

In -depth analysis of programs implemented in fashion schools in the world shows that strict specialization is a thing of the past. In addition to drawing, the basics of tailoring and knowledge of materials, designers today also learns marketing, PR principles or merchandising. Knowledge of these – seemingly distant from design – areas is particularly valued by future creators. Why? As it turns out, more and more young adepts of designing the art of designing thought about starting their own business and work on their own immediately after graduation. In this situation, economic, marketing or even administrative knowledge is highly desirable by them. And schools try to listen to the needs of their students.

You need to know how to use data, read financial reports, obtain data to say what is selling well. Most designers don't like to watch numbers. These requirements are a new set of skills – Christine Tsui, fashion consultant and columnist

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Technology with window for the future

The authors of the report also emphasize the importance of technology in fashion school programs. 3D printing, research on tomorrow's materials, learning print techniques. Everything related to technology is automatically classified as "future. Designers, merchants, stylists who want to gain an advantage on the filled market competition must find themselves in technological innovations. It seems that fashion schools understand the seriousness of the situation and do everything to provide students with the best, the most modern solutions that will facilitate their learning and prepare for work using technique gains. For example, Savannah College of Art and Design from Atlanta has implemented a program thanks to which students had the opportunity to prepare their own collection using the design and sewing of a supported computer. What's more, design students from Atlanta also received the opportunity to work with 2D and 3D models, which is still a novelty in the industry.

The best schools of the best?

In connection with the adoption of an innovative methodology of the study, in the report in vain to look for the ranking of fashion schools with a traditional assignment of the place and assessment. Of course, there were institutions commonly considered the most prestigious, but in addition to schools such as Central Saint Martins I London College of Fashion in London, PolyModa in Florence, Parsons and Fit in New York, the report also indicates a number of outstanding universities, not necessarily from fashion capitals.

Central Saint Martins in London, source: Stantonwilliams.com

Schools for future designers

And so, for example, Drexel University, a school from Philadelphia received three distinctions in the fashion design category – including a distinction for the overall. Similarly, Rmit University from Melbourne, cities that even Australians are not necessarily associated with fashion education. In the study, the school was great, and the fashion designers' education program won all possible badges. All badges were collected by programs at the level graduate m.in. at Accademia Costume E fashion in Rome, Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art and London College of Fashion.

Fashion business

When it comes to learning a fashion business – "The Business of Fashion" recommends Istituto Marangoni. The school has won three signs, and learning in it was assessed as an investment that will benefit in the long run. Similarly, the institut Francais de la Mode, which in the category of business education is second to none – received all badges, although most of the courses take place in French. So what makes school stand out? First of all, he puts great emphasis on cooperation with business and practical classes. The presence of the largest fashion houses at the fingertips of students is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of the university. Smaller centers – Kent State University from Ohio or Marist College of Poughkeepsa have also been well rated in this category. Schools that set themselves the goal of combining the business interests of students with the creative world. Amsterdam Fashion Institute, the largest fashion school in the Netherlands, won the favor of students above all with extensive cooperation with the fashion industry, including international projects.

Communication and Art Direction

A few years ago, communication directions and Art Direction in fashion you could count on one hand. With the development of social media, The society began to attach more and more importance to images and messages sent through them. The brands also began to notice the possibility of building a competitive advantage thanks to a thoughtful image. There was a demand for specialists in the field of communication and caring for the image, so there were also professional courses. There are not many of them to this day, but if a school already offers them – then at the highest level. And so all badges for courses in the field of graduate won the London university Central Saint Martins and Milan Istituto Marangoni. Communication and Art Direction You can also learn on a polymers (high grades for studies undergraduate), as well as in Toronto at Ryerson University School of Fashion or in Sao Paulo at the Belas Artes university appreciated primarily for the business approach to fashion education.

Parsons School of Design, source: Deezeen.com

The best choice ..

… depends only on individual needs and requirements. For some, they will be schools of "famous graduates" who in the eyes of many are a guarantee of the highest quality. Central Saint Martins (the school she finished Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen) or Parsons (Donna Karan, Duet Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang) certainly belong to this category. Others will focus on the practical aspect and the opportunity to undergo internships, internships, training – cooperation with business – just like in the Florentine polymers or the Institut Francais de la Mode. Still others will turn towards universities focusing on the development of basic skills. Because without learning to draw, sewing or construction, it is difficult to imagine the education of the designer.

Or maybe a school in Poland?

Going abroad, although today is definitely easier than a few to several years ago, it is still a challenge. First of all – cost. Maintenance fees are the smallest problem when the horizon is needed to pay tuition fees for studies. And we are talking about several thousand … pounds, euros or dollars. Secondly – separation from loved ones. For some it can be very painful. Like a completely new culture. So maybe it is worth considering fashion education in Poland?
A few years ago, a Lazarski university, which organizes the Academy of Business and Fashion Laws. Comprehensive classes program, experienced experts – and most importantly – practitioners. From issues related to trend forecasting, production, merchandising, through detailed legal issues, to sales and promotion. In a word, everything you need to start an adventure in the fashion world.

The choice is not easy, especially in the case of foreign universities. The high financial and emotional cost (new company, new culture) makes the decision on fashion education even more difficult. Which can help? Well thought -out plan, determining your own needs and goals, as well as possibilities. In addition, a thorough analysis of the educational offer of the university being considered and … the choice is almost made. We keep our fingers crossed!