Holiday fashion capitals – Berlin

Berlin is a city with many faces. On the one hand, modern, on the other a bit neglected. Is famous for clubbing, alternative fashion and … losses-ups. Near the western border, it is at our fingertips for us. How to spend time in the German capital?

Staying in Berlin

Although today travelers are rather inclined to Airbnb than hotels, in Berlin this option will not pass. Since the city authorities introduced restrictions on the rental of a short -term accommodation, the accommodation base has shrunk strongly. Therefore, when it comes to the capital of Germany, it is worth considering a traditional solution.

There are two options – exclusive and the slightly cheaper one. Both equally interesting.

Oderberger hotel

For followers, the "once lives" option (due to high prices) the perfect place will be the Oderberger Hotel. It attracts not only with a beautiful building and interiors. The most impressive is … the pool like a movie Wesa Anderson. Yes, yes – the swimming pool, because the Oderberger Hotel is located in a building once for city baths. After more than four years of renovation, which has undergone pre -war (!) Moloch, Hotel Oderberger opened for tourists in 2016. And from now on it impresses. Not only the mentioned pool, but also unique relationships with art. The hotel promotes the work of Berlin artists, putting them in rooms, restaurants, bar, in the corridors.

Wallyard concept hostel

Another, more "economical", but equally attractive option is Wallyard Concept Hostel located in the heart Berlin, And at the same time one of the most "hipster" areas – the Moabit district. Staying in the hostel is a collision with a real city spirit at every step. From loft, minimalist interiors, through the service, which will not only recommend the best places to eat and party, but he will go there with you, up to the artistic scene, extremely important for hotel owners. If you want to empathize with the city's atmosphere, Wallyard will be helpful.

Cultural program

Something interesting is happening in Berlin almost every day. Both in museums, galleries and streets you can see strong relationships of the city with art.

Island of museums

We recommend "Museum Island" to all planning the Berlin adventure under the sign of art. One place, five institutions. Any other. Parchment Museum (Pergamonmuseum) with the delightful collections of ancient art or a new museum (Neues Museum) with an Egyptian art collection must! For every lover of history.

Museum of applied art

Secrets design discovers the museum of utility art (Kunstgewerbemuseum) with one of the largest artistic craft collection in Europe. The museum is also a real treat for all fashion lovers. There is a separate gallery of costumes and accessories from various eras, as well as the world's largest fashion photo library – The Lipperheide Costume Library. Regardless of whether you are conducting research or just want to learn something about fashion – this place is worth visiting!

Helmuta Newton Foundation

Berlin can boast of one more unique place when it comes to the marriage of art and fashion. Foundation Helmuta Newton In the photography museum, it is worth your time. The history of the photographer told thanks to the records, letters and other personal objects and his artistic achievements are at your fingertips. There are also many thematic exhibitions in the museum space. Currently-in connection with this year's celebration of the 100th anniversary Bauhaus – This is an exhibition "Bauhaus and photography" ("Bauhaus und die photographs").

Speaking of Bauhaus … the culminating point of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school will be the Bauhaus week planned at the turn of August and September (31.08-08.09). The exhibition program dedicated to the beginnings of Bauhaus (in Bröhan-Museum), the influence of Bauhaus on world art, as well as discovering forgotten objects-Bauhaus icon. Store for Kantstraße and Potsdamer Straße will present the Site-Witry-Witry about the history of Bauhaus in Berlin. Event guests will be able to take part in meetings conducted by architects, artists, museum workers – experts who will explain the impact on their work Bauhaus's assumptions.

Shopping in Berlin

If you have time – or – you are going to Berlin for shopping – we have good news. Boutiques in the German capital are second to none, especially when it comes to Concept Stores. The format that has not necessarily accepted in Berlin in Poland is doing very well.

Andreas Murkudis

Three locations, each other. The one at Potsdamer Straße, located in the former newspaper printing house, is our favorite. In addition to designer clothes (Rick Owens, Rokh, Sacai, Y’s) You will also find here cosmetics, dishes (Venini), furniture (Dimo, Christophe Delcourt), interior furnishings. Both from the first pages of newspapers and from small manufactories in single copies or limited collections. There is also a rich collection of warehouses and books, a treat in particular for fashion fans. If shopping is out of the question, maybe at least Window Shopping?


Concept Store with Avangard dreams fashionist. Acne Studios, Margiela, Lemaire, Pad, Jacquemus, Craig Green is a strong representation of brands that can be found in Voostore. And since concept In addition to clothes, there are also shoes, accessories, warehouses devoted to fashion and art. Which distinguishes Voostore? Limited collections. If you hunt for the most desirable collaborations like Craig Green X Adidas or Asics by GmbH – Voostore is a place where you have to look.

Soto Store Berlin

Paradise for fans streetwear In the attractive surroundings of Berlin-Mitte. In terms of street fashion, it is unmatched not only in Berlin, but probably in this part of Europe. Among the hangers, apart from Rafa Simons, Eytys, Off-White or Y-3, could not miss the Polish national team. Misbhv reports his presence.

Le labo

It is said that this is one of the best niche perfumes in the world. Is it true? You can check in Berlin, where Le Labo has two laboratories. Yes, yes Laboratories, because in Le Labo perfume we can create ourselves – with a little help from the "master" of perfumery (which is in fact the seller at the same time). If perfumery diy You are not interested in, Le Labo has a wide range of ready -made products up their sleeve – from perfumes, through balms, creams and candles, to beard care cosmetics. What distinguishes Le Labo from other perfumery is the interior. Industrial, a bit dark, minimalist pain. It is worth entering, although to watch.

Do you read me?

Small (for how to be supplied!) bookstore on the outskirts of the center of Berlin. You will find everything you thirsty for fashion, design and art (as well as knowledge) the heart will desire! On the shelves you will find "032C"," Magazine System "," Die Dame "," Riposte "," Holiday "and one could exchange and exchange, because the list is endless. In addition to warehouses, there are also books (mainly in English) and a huge selection of albums. Fashion, architecture, utility art, food – Reading Paradise.

Lunch, brunch, drink

Food Berlin's offer is as good as the cultural and purchasing base. Our favorite places are also one of the most hip places from several seasons, but let it only serve as a good recommendation.

House of Small Wonders

A place known from New York, where storm won the hearts of the inhabitants Williamsburg and the surrounding area, today it works the same on the Berliners.

The concept is simple – a lot of wood and green. Flowers literally flood the restaurant space. Retro-romantic climate. And certainly ecological. "Green Spirit" floats in the air, a perfect place on Brunch, although we warn you – you have to stand in line.

ORA is a bar and a restaurant located in the space of the former pharmacy. You can feel the ancient climate from the entrance. The tables are surrounded by sideboards, shelves and pharmacy tools. Behind the glass sites you can admire jars, boxes, books and notebooks filled with mixtures. And on plates? Molecular kitchen (and what else!) at the best. Surreal surroundings, probably one of these Once in a lifetime (also due to the price).

Café cinema

Probably the most alternative "pub" you were in. Hidden in the yard, surrounded by murals, graffitia and walls stuck with old posters. "Quickly folded" and heavily used tables and chairs are all equipment in total. Visits are best planned for a late afternoon or evening. On the one hand, the soul on the shoulder, on the other, an experience that you will not experience elsewhere. Alternative Berlin at its finest.

Café Cinema, source:

A bit offally, A bit worldly, and above all very Berlin.