Report: Key trends for spring 2019

Here are six leading trends that will master world streets in the coming months. Whether the cyclists will settle down in our wardrobes for good? What will be more trends -Black and white zebra or leopard spots? Let's check!

Trend 1: Denim, denim, denim

Once associated with styles in the rhythm of rap, today we can't imagine life without it. This season, however, a passion for denim has reached a new level-this is not only beloved tubes, a short mini-manner or a comfortable denim katana. Designers focused on denim Total look. Pants (wide bermuda, short shorts, with applications), skirts and dresses (maxi, mini, half -calf), jackets and coats (!) and even accessories. Bonus? Colors and prints. Because who said that the jeans must be blue? The version most in the trend is a mix tie-dye, spirits and lightweight. Look at Isabel Marant, Acne and Alexander Wanga. They know how to handle a denim.

With the arrival of spring, animals come to life .. Animal Prints They appeared shyly on the streets last year. The most fashionable bloggers had to have a leopard -like Realisation Par skirt in wardrobes, or at least a short crop top in leopard motif. This year wild prints they will make themselves felt again. In addition to the classic leopard, an interesting novelty will be a striped zebra and snake skin … in neon colors like Armani and Off-White. Version for the brave, but maybe it's worth the risk?


Trend 3: Street style

Type pants cargo, hoodie and heavy shoes. Plus a lot of gold and dark, big glasses. No, this is not a description of Rihanna's last styling, but it is quite possible that she inspired the designers. Fendi, Stella McCartney, Off-White are just some of the brands that "felt" the style of the street. What they put on? Bikers (they deserved one more chance after last year's debut), foam sweatshirts (great return?) and Sports Bermuda with a high waist. Colors? Nude and neon lights are a combination of the season and a guarantee of being remembered.

Source: Newdesigners.SE

Trend 4: Holidays fully

As it turns out, holiday fashion is not only bikini and flip -flops. On the beaches – yes – a two -piece costume with a high waist and rafia flip flops are the undisputed hits of the coming summer, but what when the beach is far away, the heat is pouring from the sky, and we spend the holidays in the city? Maybe a Hawaiian shirt combined with a flared linen skirt, and a pearl handbag? Wide, elongated shorts and top made of scarves and slips? Maksi skirt with Indian pattern and crop top with a motif tie dye? It's just a handful of proposals from global catwalks. Mesh tops, crochet dresses and light knitted sets will be successful. Easy, comfortable and supermodern.


Trend 5: Colorful story

Each season has its own color. This spring it will be grassy green, deep yellow, delicate lilac and electrifying blue. Together they sound quite avant -garde, which is why we do not necessarily urge you to mix. So how to wear the colors of this spring? Choose one of them and build Total look. Color Blocking has never looked so stylish.


Trend 6: Black Spring?

Colors in colors, but not everyone likes such madness. For everyone who appreciates the unique cut and the possibility of experiment more than color, we have good news. Black is not going anywhere. It is true that in spring it occurs in a slightly lighter edition – tulle, silk and even linseed, feathers and ribbons in rafia hats. Supposedly neutral, but it's hard to imagine spring without black.