Report: Work in fashion work work?

There is still a conviction in society that work in fashion is primarily fun, champagne mood and no duties. When professionals come to the fore, this myth is quickly overthrown. Is fashion work work?

Fashion shows, photo sessions at the end of the world, luxury boutiques, colorful warehouses. From an Instagram perspective, work in the fashion industry is an endless party. And from the top shelf. The best clothes, celebrities, everything carefully documented in the pictures. There is little and louder about the fact that "instagram life" has little to do with reality. The myth is slowly raining. This also applies to the fashion industry. The tinsel and the glow, which we admire thanks to the endless relationships – from the fashion show, awarding gala, photo session or press breakfast, are only the final effect of the hard work of many people who will often not see their finals at all. And it is them, Fashion Insiders, They have now received a voice.

Professionals have a voice

The Business of Fashion portal has recently conducted a study that summarizes the moods in the fashion industry. 1,400 people working in various positions in markets typically associated with fashion – in Great Britain, the United States, France, Italy and Germany responded to the survey provided by the portal. Here's the results.

Satisfied with work?

Assessing general work satisfaction, more than half of the study participants, said that they were satisfied with their work (including almost 20% of all respondents, they pointed to the answer very satisfied). Good score? Only at first glance, if we analyze negative answers. There are over 1/5 of the surveyed people dissatisfied from work in fashion, beauty and luxury industry, including as many as 7% of respondents are very unhappy In connection with the role. Adding to this people who were difficult to clearly determine whether work gives them satisfaction or not (and this also shows something), the results do not fill with optimism.

According to "BOF", the most satisfied research participants work in Great Britain. It's interesting, especially since Brexit is fast approaching and fashion will not miss. Italy and just behind – France occupy the next places on the podium. Three countries historically related to fashion, where the market is developed and a lot is happening, not only on holidays.

And where is the smallest satisfaction? Among employees located at our western neighbors. Undecable with fashion (or at least not as much as other countries represented in the study), Germany has a lot to do in terms of fashion. Working there Fashion insiders They are least satisfied with work among all participants of the study. The largest market represented in the study – the United States – is the most "polarized". 51% of respondents are satisfied with the work performed, and as much as 31% on the contrary.

The higher the better?

Referring the results to the items occupied most satisfied with work in the fashion industry are people just starting their career and those who have reached the top. These results are not surprising. The enthusiasm and joy associated with the start of dreams of dreams at the beginning obscure all negative emotions. Beginners see the surroundings "through pink glasses" and even the simplest (and sometimes the most boring) tasks, they are unable to change their attitude. However, this applies to employees. Trainees – often not only "working" without a contract, but also without remuneration, are definitely more cautious in their assessments. AZ 41% of them could not say whether fashion work brings them satisfaction or not. In the case of "middle -level" employees and managers, there is a much higher percentage of negative answers. It seems that daily frustrations, a lot of work, high responsibility and – routine, can take its toll. But it's already a level above, it's much better. Top positions – Managers, persons in positions responsible for strategies, finances etc. are satisfied and satisfied with the work performed. At least two reasons can be behind such results – they have a real impact on what is happening in the company – They finally create her strategy. For the work performed, they are also duly paid. Confirm that you have to earn a dream work.

Job satisfaction in the context of the position held, source:

Or maybe on its own?

The results of entrepreneurs running their own business also look interesting. The vast majority of them – nearly 75% of business owners who took part in the study are satisfied with what they do, on the other hand only 2% of them are people very dissatisfied. A thoughtful business can be an alternative to work in a corporation. Creating a strategy, full responsibility for the company and its results, a lot of stress. Work 24 h/day, 7 days a week. Own business is an option for fearless ones, but how much satisfaction it gives!

Work in fashion – Many dream of it. Surrounded by beautiful clothes, celebrities and at the most interesting events, work ceases to be work, and becomes fun. As the results show – nothing more wrong. Working in the fashion industry is work like any other. Satisfying, sometimes more colorful than others, but also extremely demanding and stressful. It is easy to forget about it by watching Instagram reports …