Weekend under the sign of fashion. Books, films, exhibitions.

The new Princeton graduate goes to Paris to find an idea for life in the French capital. He lives with a French family, he tries to be French hardly, he works casual and dreams. About a journalist's career, great love and success. Thanks to the lucky fate of fate, he receives work at the Women’s Wear Daily editor. And there … the story that hard work pays off, you only need to know what you want. Memories of Kate Betts – the youngest editor -in -chief in the history of the magazine "Harper’s Bazaar" -This is a sweet-bit story not only about fashion, but above all about difficult beginnings. An inspiring proposal just in time for the weekend!

"Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden. War colors ”, Lindy Woodhead, Wydawy. Book World

Were it not for the heroine of the book Woodhead, it is not known what today's face care and makeup would look like. They started around the same time – one in Europe, the other in the United States. Visionaries. Both with a revolutionary approach and ideas that have left their mark on the developing beauty industry. What else connected them? Explicit reluctance to yourself. Rubinstein and Arsden were competitors not only in business, but also in private life. The competition led them to the top, but it was not without victims. And that's what the Woodhead book is about. Bonus? Business textbook in a nutshell.

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"Queen Vogue ’ A – Anna Wintour: Always in the first row, Jerry Oppenheimer, Wydawy. your style

Every day she hides behind big black glasses, and the public knows as much as she decides to say. Considered by many to be the most powerful woman in the fashion industry. Queen of "Vogue" – Anna Wintour. The unauthorized biography of Oppenheimer is a real treat for anyone who wants to learn more about the editor of the Supreme American fashion Bible. Thousands of conversations with people from the immediate surroundings of Wintour, thoroughly tracking her childhood, adolescents and the first steps in the journalistic industry paid off. We learn about big problems at school (who would think?to. A must, for anyone who considers working in the fashion industry.

"Fashionable Polish woman. Talks about fashion, beauty and life with Polish style icons ", Natalia Hołownia, Wydawy. Burda Media Polska

Another, after "How to be a Parisian in Poland", a book in the achievements of Natalia Hołownia. As well as the previous one focuses on the style. "Fashionable Polish" is a collection of personal conversations with the most stylish stars, businesswomen, journalists, models that we can admire on the first pages of newspapers on a daily basis. Joanna Horodyńska talks about her love for fashion and … opera, Marta Dyks reveals the secrets of shopping vintage. Małgorzata Kożuchowska, close to the greatest names in the world of Polish fashion, recalls the beginnings of their careers. Each story is a different view on style, fashion and clothes. Everyone will find a story here that they can identify with.

"Fashion marketing. Strategy and promotion ”, Harriet Posner, Wydawy. Arcades

A position for those who even spend the weekend for training. The Posner textbook is the first item translated into Polish, which comprehensively treats the topic of marketing in the fashion industry. From the first steps – acquiring the client, through work on the strategy, to its implementation. And because, as you know, the brand haute couture It requires a different approach than a small proprietary brand, about all the differences and complexity of the issue in a very complicated industry, which is fashion, Posner mentioned. A lot of examples of "life (brands)", a simple language and a few marketing tricks. Good introduction to the discussion on marketing in the fashion industry.

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Film weekend

"Secrets of Selfridges", Netflix

The history of the creation of one of the most famous department stores in the world. Selfridges yellow bags are one of the first things that are striking while walking around Oxford Street. According to the creator's vision – Harry Gordon Selfridge – his work was to revolutionize the world of shopping. On the one hand, it is the story of great success – the department store created in the last century from scratch exists to this day, despite the "death announced for years retail". On the other, the fate of Selfridge, a great visionary and innovator, is a sad story with a depressing end. Business more important than life?

"Face to grace", m2m

Grace Coddington, a recognized journalist, former model, ex-creative director of the magazine "Vogue" after leaving the editorial office, many new projects are undertaken. Illustrates books, stylizes, advises M.in. Tiffany's brand, runs his own program. In "Face to Grace" Coddington He talks to representatives of the world of fashion and film (among them Nicolas Ghesquiere, Luca Guadagnino) about creativity, culture, world around. The icing on the cake of a series of meetings in the famous MR Restaurant in New York. Chow (belonging to the ex-Coddington) is a conversation with Anna Wintour. There are black glasses, but there is a smile on the face Editrix. What they talked about? See for yourself!

"Made in Milan", dir. Martin Scorsese

A document that many forgot about the existence, and the younger generation probably did not hear about it at all. Design of two outstanding characters – Scorsese and Armani. In 1990, the director made a mini-document about preparations Giorgio Armani to show the latest collection. Milan was the background for the shot events. In just a twenty -minute film, Armani talks about love for fashion, city and family. One of the few opportunities to be so close to Giorgio Armani.

"Elles", M2M

Maurine Pagani, a French director and journalist, travels the world along and breadth in search of inspiring conversations with women of the fashion world. Guests at Isabel Marant, He meets Leandra Medine, visits Mary Katrantzou. Talks about the process of creation, trends and critics. He questions the curators, journalists, designers and models. All this to learn the strength of women in the fashion industry.

Weekend at the exhibition

"Grażyna Hase. My half a century with fashion ”, Historical Museum of Skierniewice

A unique opportunity to learn the history of Polish fashion. After the exhibition Fashion of Polish and Jerzy Antkowiak in Łódź, the time has come for Skierniewice. The museum there presents the achievements of one of the most popular Polish fashion designers. Grażyna Hase cooperated with Cora, designed for a flight, service of the Victoria hotel, dressed the stars of the Polish stage. She is the author of the famous Cossack look inspired by a stay in Moscow. She ran a fashion gallery and even a material store in Warsaw. This is just a fraction of Mrs. Hase's achievements, more about her rich experiences and building the fashion industry in Poland – at the exhibition. However, if you fail to reach Skierniewice – nothing lost!

“ Grażyna Hase. Love, fashion, art ” (Edition. Margins) by Krzysztof Tomasik is a comprehensive biography of a designer, in which, in addition to professional adventures, we also get to know the personal life of Mrs. Hase. It reads in one breath!

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