Vegan fashion enters the mainstream?

You thought everything was in fashion? Nothing more wrong! Fiberglass scarf from orange skins (Ferragamo), pryblas from “mushroom” of the skin (Stella McCartney) – We already know that. The time has come for 100% vegan and suits from … bamboo!

Green fashion

Clothes exchange programs, “green” tags confirming proven and ecological origin of the materials from which individual clothes are made. The vast majority of us have already had the opportunity to come across ecological fashion, even in chain stores. It is different when it comes to vegan fashion. Few have heard of her, wearing even less. Soon and this should change.

Vegan project

Joshua Katcher, Ecological fashion propagator, lecturer at Parsons School of Design, author of a blog with vegan male fashion The Discerning Brute, Another – his own fashion brand joined his numerous classes in 2010. Brave Gentleman is one of the first balanced men Fashion brands.

Designer laboratory

The production brand uses only certified “future materials”. What is it about? Mainly with laboratory grown skin (biodegradable polyurethane), wool (a mixture of cotton and processed polyurethane), as well as silk from processed plastic bottles. The process of producing clothes and accessories with the Brave Gentleman tag is strictly fills the norms of sustainable fashion. Clothing and accessories are made locally – in New York, with fair remuneration of employees.

Bamboo – cotton of the future?

This year, a bamboo joined the innovative set of materials used by Brave Gentleman. Surprised? Until now, bamboo was associated mainly with dubious quality underwear available on stalls …

Today he enters the salons. And literally. In Brave Gentleman is the basic “ingredient” of men’s suits. Why bamboo? It does not require artificial fertilizers for growth, it regenerates itself. Bamboo fabric, warm and comfortable, it is not only universal (you can make almost everything from underwear, through shirts to the suits mentioned above), but also the process of its production is 100% Animal Cruelty-Free. The bamboo suit (appearing in three basic colors and shreds) decorate the buttons made of “ivory of the future” or tags. Hard nuts “pretend” ivory, maintaining its aesthetic and tactile values.

From head to toe

So far, the Brave Gentleman bamboo suit is available for order for pre -sale. Will the market conquered? It just turns out, it seems that he has a good chance of it. Recently, vegan brands are more and more boldly entering and settling in our wardrobes.

Interestingly, among vegan brands, the most famous are those Native Shoes (100% production animal-friendly), INSECTA SHOES (shoes from processed bottles and rubber) or a rhombaut (they use M for Cellulose, stone, coconut fibers) are only three of the many vegan shoes recommended by PETA.

However, this story does not end on shoes, because today the whole wardrobe can be vegan. Nanushka, a Hungarian brand that stormed the Net-A-Porter and multibranda around the world (and also instagram Feedy Fashion fans), he bases its collections to a large extent on the skin, vegan skin should be clarified. Shirts, pants, dresses, overalls – they look like creations all-leather for a million dollars, with the difference that there is no skin percent in the traditional sense of the word.

Vaute, the first vegan brand that showed up at NYFW, offers sweaters and coats resulting from fashion marriage, love for animals and technology. You won’t find wool, feathers or skin, but is it wrong?

It was once said that a decent bag should be made of leather. A long time ago and not true! Look at Matt&Natt, a brand of accessories made of vegan leather. Their handbags and shoes enjoy their eyes as few. Not only designer, it’s still durable.

The vegan wardrobe is a project with a message that – as long as consistently implemented – he must go. The growing variety of brands on the market allows us to suspect that in the near future it is vegan brands, whose range impresses with both design and quality, they will become a real alternative to all fashion seekers “ something more ” than just another clothing to the collection cracking in the seams. We keep our fingers crossed!