The second edition of the conference is launched ‘ Fashion Economy 4.0 ″

On November 21, 2019. The second edition of the conference will take place Fashion Economy, organized by Academy of Business and Fashion Laws of the Lazarski University, whose strategic partner is the advisory company KPMG.

The results will be presented during the conference the second edition of the industry report on the fashion market in Poland, developed by KPMG in cooperation with the Academy of Business and Fashion Laws of the Lazarski University.

The leitmotif of this year’s report are the challenges facing the fashion industry, in terms of differences between the approach to the fashion of individual generations of consumers, their purchasing preferences and the impact of eco-trends on both the fashion industry and consumer attitudes.

In addition, during the conference, the issue of sustainable development in the fashion sector will be explored – whether ecological fashion is only a new trend, or is it already “must have” clothing brands.

Invited experts will also raise the topic of work and employment in the fashion industry in the era of the changing world and the needs of younger generations. Outstanding specialists will show the world of online fashion “from the kitchen” and will try to answer the question whether fashion will completely move to the network. A strong trend on the Polish market will also be presented “ from craft to business ”. Finally, trends, observations and conclusions will be confronted with the old imaginations of visionaries and pioneers of the Polish fashion industry. They will answer the questions: What did the fashion industry look like several dozen years ago and whether they expected its development in the current direction, which surprised them and from which you can warn the younger generations developing the industry today – fashion business yesterday, today and tomorrow – “from the kitchen” “Wrapping on the bush”.

During the conference, many valued specialists will perform in the Polish fashion industry, KPMG experts and Lazarski University, including Viola Śpiechowicz, Dorota Kawalec (Vanda Novak), Agnieszka Oleksyn – Wajda (Academy of Business and Fashion Laws of Lazarski University), Ula Wiszowata (Academy of Business and Fashion Laws of Lazarski University), Jan Karasek (KPMG), Monika Palmowska (KPMG), Hanna Gajos (journalist and fashion critic), Anna Jurgaś (she was the chief Glamor ), Joanna Siwińska – Kopera (Love the dress), Grażyna Olbrych (former editor -in -chief of Glamor, Elle), Sylwia Majcher (author of the best -selling book I cook, not wasted), Anna Atanasov (General Counsel from CCC), Paweł Dziekoński (Kazar Footwear), Szymon Stadnik ( Frista Retail Business), Marzena Zahlin (Handelsbanken).

The conference is open, however, due to the limited number of places, registration: https: //

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  • For whom? For people working in PR or marketing fashion companies. For people who have or intend to have their own company in the fashion industry. For PR students and marketing. For students of journalism and working journalists who would like to specialize in fashion journalism.

Learning to create fashion texts, write effective press information, building fashion communication in social media. Practical workshops improving communication with a modern consumer.


  • Storytelling rules and why it is worth using them in the fashion brand;
  • What is fashion today. The difference between fashion and trend;
  • Why do you need to know fashion stories to write about fashion;
  • Fashion descriptions – how to creatively describe something that can be seen in the picture;
  • Practical fashion versus inspirational fashion. How important we write for;
  • Suzy Menkes or why your own fashion opinion is important;
  • Fashion- a picture magazine that must be dressed in words;
  • Consuming fashion content – difference between print and digital;
  • Which best “sells” fashion content on the Internet;
  • What fashion is friends with, i.e. the best contexts for fashion texts;
  • Determining the fashion mission The basis of good communication with readers;
  • How to write the hundredth time about the same;
  • Mission, purpose, consumer – golden keys for coherent and effective fashion communication;
  • Fashion texts under SEO – or how to seduce Google;
  • Rules for creating communication in social media;
  • What works in social media and what not;
  • Specifications and differences between FB, Instagram and LinkedIn + YouTube and Tiktok;
  • Which social media channel to choose for brand communication (based on Brand Persons and specific goals);
  • Sales tools and strategies in social media. Admission to the sales funnel;
  • How to effectively combine social, offline and online activities. Case studies.


Anna Jurgaś

Former editor -in -chief of Glamor magazine and began her adventure with the media in the Elle fashion department, then the former editor -in -chief of Vivamoda and Hot Moda&Shopping. Raised in the times of the Kingdom of Print, today a very active user of new media. Next to the great love of fashion, he declares a weakness for socialmedia, fashion, travel, good food (i.e. everything that can be well photographed). She is a mother, which he considers her biggest challenge.

Zuzanna Śleszyńska

Co -founder of Lettly, a creative agency specializing in influencer marketing campaigns. She started her adventure with Digital at Softwarowa, which created mobile pages and applications dedicated to online stores. Lettly has created an application that allows online stores to sell via Instagram. The idea was appreciated in the Elle Fashion Startup Award competition, and Zuzanna with the partners went to the forbes 30 under 30 and Brief 50 Creative List. Currently, with influencer marketing projects, he cooperates with brands. YSL, Giorgio Armani, Alfa Romeo, McDonald ’ S, Jeep or Reebok. She is a mentor in the Google Launchpad program for beginner companies. Privately, he is interested in everything, he is passionate about fashion, and uses all vacation days for travel.