How to dress for summer festivals?

Festival trends are currently a hot topic. Summer began for good, and this means the beginning of the festival marathon. Music, film, artistic. For a long time, these summer events are not only an opportunity to "cut", but also a real fashion show. Forget about sprinkled shorts and muddy wellies, here are what they wear at festivals Fashionists.

First – ecology!

The year 2019 can definitely be determined by the year of sustainable fashion. It's hard to find in history another equally "ecological period", so it's hardly surprising that the dominant trend sustainability also applies to festivals. And good! Because somewhere else to spread trends if not at mass events?

Bye Glitter

The first example of positive changes is a ban on … glitter. Once a must -have element of every stylization – whether on shoes or as a decoration in makeup, Today he is becoming a thing of the past. Festival organizers help in this, forbidding to enter the event area in the brocade. From 2021, similar rules are to apply at over 60 British festivals. By giving up the glitter, you save not only yourself, but also the planet. After all, it is in most cases … ordinary plastic, only finely ground. The very thought itself causes that I look at the glitter with disgust. For his biggest fans, however, I have good news:

Facial decoration will not disappear, but more people visiting the festival will look for planet -friendly versions, such as biodegradable versions sold by In Your Dreams and The Gypsy Shrine – PEmily Gordo-Smith, director of DS. Product at the Stylus company dealing with trend analysis.
Rental? It could be!

New event = new clothes? These times are over. We subconsciously feel that buying "at once" is not only very non -ecological, but today it simply does not fall out anymore … However, if in your wardrobes it is in vain to look for clothes suitable for madness under the stage or plain banquets, with the help you can help your loved ones greater popularity in Poland – clothes rentals. You find the right thing, order, put on a party and return. The clothes return to the "base" and waits for another admirer. The choice is huge – from the collection collection (maybe not necessarily on Opener ’ A, But at Summer Jazz Festival by all means), through pearls from chain stores or vintage collections. Everyone will find something for himself.

If not a rental, maybe closest wardrobes? Sister, mother, friend – They will certainly be happy to open their wardrobes to you. And this gives a completely new field to show off. After all, two, three or even four wardrobes (assuming that each of them would like to take part in this eco -modern project) is a nice choice.

Sharing Economy Here's what is in fashion today!


Buying new clothes only on the occasion of the upcoming event is a bad idea in 99%. Typically festival collections are thought so that going beyond the area of the event is a slightly risky solution. Top from mesh, silver shorts, platform shoes and a mini -panty with artificial skin. It may defend itself at the party, but it will be worse in everyday life. And I mean only individual elements of this extravagant stylization ..

However, if neither your own wardrobe nor friendly wardrobes provide interesting options, you also do not want to use them, and shopping becomes the last option, make them with your head. So how?

… second -hand

There are two suggestions. The first is shopping in second-hand, vintage shop, or through the application for sale and exchange of clothes. The choice is huge and the prices are varied. The chances that we will meet someone dressed the same are small, and that we will hunt a special thing on the contrary.

Shopping – investments

Another option is shopping only indirectly related to the event we are going to. It is about the so -called. Statement Pieces. Things we are able to spend on – paying for a special design or high quality (preferably both). Shoes that will serve us for many seasons and suit both festival party and work. A raincoat – to wear throughout the year, one for life – perfect for uncertain holiday weather. Or maybe a decent backpack – a classic, for every occasion that will accommodate everything we need at the moment?

That's it when it comes to this year's largest trend, i.e. a balanced fashion. It is already known how to (not) buy, so let's get to styling. Which will reign at this year's festivals?

Festival trends 2019

Staying in the subject sustainability, The good news is that festival trends strongly draw on the main fashion trends of the current season, so there is a good chance that you can build stylizations from what you already have in the wardrobes.


In smaller quantities he began to show up on the catwalks, and then in stores last year. This year, however, definitely belongs to the neon. And not only in the additions. Fluo colors from head to toe reigned at shows, and looking at the photos streetstyle, They were also quite well received on the streets.

The brave can try with a total look – they will certainly not remain unnoticed. For everyone who does not want to shine from a distance, neon accents can be a good proposition. Fluo top, skirt, sneakers or kidney. There is a good chance that one of these things is already in your wardrobe. If so – you can tick off the neon trend.

Good jeans for everything

Denim is one of those things that is located almost every wardrobe. For many years legally unnoticed, a classic that saves every stylization. For several seasons, you can observe unique interest in denim from designers.


This year's idea for heavily worn jeans? Tie-dye. In many colors, unique designs, and in addition in a denim version. A bit hippie, but totally in the climate of the summer festival.

Dappled outfit

Peas, dots, dots have been holding firmly for a few good seasons. It is true that last year they had to give way to animal prints, but today there is no doubt that the dots have just won this trend battle.


To be accepted in any form – on a dress, skirt or only as an addition, e.g. on the band. Add freshness and a note of romanticism of any stylization. Too Sweet is Too fly? Add sneakers, jacket in a "military" style, a band on hand and outfit arousing admiration (and respect) ready!

Emily Ratajkowski at a party accompanying the Coachella festival, source:


When designers proposed a mix of everyday wardrobes with a wardrobe intended only for the gym, customers shook their heads. How to appear outside the sports facility in the cut top and tight leggings?


As it turned out, the devil is not as terrible as they paint him and after a few months the trend athleisure He mastered hangers in stores and our streets. Even carpieces broke through-a very difficult and free-demanding cut for the figure. Today, stylizations based on sports clothes are no longer surprising, so it's worth thinking about how to "turn up" just for the festival. He can give up a total look for only one sports item? And it can combine modern, sports cuts with fashionable flowers this season? Add a hat (Bucket Hat?), but instead of a kidney, choose a bead purse?

Paris Hilton and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Coachella festival, source:


… Or stylizations under a sign Matcha-Matchy. It doesn't matter if with her boyfriend or with a friend/siblings. The twins probably have their opinion on this subject, but the truth is that this season "coordinated" stylizations are ahead of other trends. The easiest way to implement them? Flannel shirt, leather jacket, denim shorts and sneakers. Recipe for the festival stylization ready!

Being "fashionable" is, as you know, a relative concept. One will like one athleisure, Others will bet on look denim. Regardless of what you dress, the most important is fun. Because that's what summer festivals are about, true?