How to find male jeans properly tailored to the figure?

Jeans are extremely versatile pants that perfectly match both women and men. First of all, they should be tailored to our construction. Badly chosen will emphasize the shortcomings and distort the figure. As with women’s pants, men’s pants should emphasize the advantages and masking the shortcomings. There is no one universal model of jeans that will suit every man, regardless of his construction.

The most popular models of men’s jeans

Lean – It is a very fitted model and adjacent to the body. Jeans say legs along the entire length – From the ankles to the hips. It is a model recommended for slim people, but not lean. In the case of men with a very slim and small structure, these pants are not recommended, because they will also optically slim the legs, so the proportions can be disturbed. Skinny jeans are also not recommended to people with a more massive construction. You can find a wide selection of pants of this type in online stores, for exampleĆ³dr-Jeansowe-404.html

Slim – It is also a fitted cut, but not as much as Skinny. This is a model that naturally emphasizes the figure. It fits the most with slim and normal body structure.

Tappered – Their cut is distinguished by narrower legs, which are straight from the hips, narrow around the knees, and at the ankles are fitted. Recommended for people with more massive thighs, or a slightly rounded belly. This model is universal.

Joggers – They are characterized by a lower step and a narrowed leg. In this model, the legs are often finished with a welt. which allows you to display fashionable shoes. Regarding the appearance closest to their sweatpants. Thanks to its comfort, this is one of the most popular jeans models currently. People with a massive structure should avoid these pants, due to a reduced step, they can additionally thicken.

Baggy – It’s very wide and loose pants with a low step, reminiscent of the 90s and hip -hop culture. They are pants that can be worn by both slim and more massive construction. Will help mask wider hips and thighs.

Regular – This is the most classic model of men’s jeans. The leg is entirely simple. It is a universal cut that will work on most silhouettes. In the stores you will also find the Regular Loose version, which is a widened version of Regular. It is a model dedicated to people with extra kilos.

The most common men’s figures

Type and pencil
He is a man with a very slender structure, narrow arms and chest, and slim legs. In the case of such a figure, be careful. Too tight jeans will additionally slim the legs optically, so the proportions will become disturbed. Recommended styles of jeans: slim

Type II pear
A man with this type of construction has more massive hips, which are just as wide or wider than his shoulders. The task of the pants is to level the proportions. Recommended cut of jeans: regular

Type III apple
A man with this type of construction has an additional kilograms and a protruding belly in this case will work best the regular loose model, which will optically slim the massive figure. The regular model will also suit, provided that the pants will have an elevated waist, thanks to which the belly will not lean on the belt and additionally thickened the figure.

Type IV triangle
Gentlemen with this type of silhouettes are distinguished by wide arms and narrow hips. They are often people practicing in the gym and well -built. In the case of pants, it is worth choosing a model with simple or slightly expanded legs to maintain the right proportions. Recommended model: regular.