You start a new job? Here are 10 tips that will help you stand out at the start

You have undergone the recruitment process. You convinced your superiors that you are the best candidate for this position. Now you have to prove it. Take each entrusted task, get involved in team designs and think about how to relieve others with your work. You have skills that others don’t have? Offer them your help. You will hear it more than once – The initiative at work is the key to success.

Fake it till you make it ..

… so don’t get it! New projects, new tasks – all this may sound scary. In particular, if you do something for the first time. But as they say, “who doesn’t try, he doesn’t drink champagne”. Therefore, do not refuse when someone asks you for help. The more you learn at the beginning, the easier it will be for you every day.

Ask, ask and ask again

Curiosity with the first degree to hell? Not in business. Explain every doubt, be inquisitive and do not give up if you do not get an answer right away. New employees use a unique privilege – even the most busy colleagues will be happy to help explain the problem. The question is a sign of your commitment, not ignorance. Ask, because after the “implementation period” it may not be so easy for the answer.

Measure high

Before starting to work. Remember, however, that any additional activity you can take on doubles counts. The involved employee is a valuable employee. Prove your employer that you deserve this name.

Ask Fr feedback

Feedback from superiors and colleagues is the most valuable what you can get during the first months in a new place. Opinion about your work, identifying the strengths and weaker sides of your action, determining the direction in which you should be aiming. All comments are at a weight of gold. Ask Fr feedback and take him to heart. It will pay off.

You are an expert? Don’t be afraid to show it

Take active participation in discussions, meetings and brainstorms. Don’t worry about showing your knowledge and proposing alternative solutions to problems. Even if they are not used, your commitment will certainly be noticed. And this is the first step to build an expert image. Step by step and in a moment you can become a person to whom others ask for help.

Learn to manage time

Even in the most interesting work, there are tasks that cause us slightly less enthusiasm. Well, it just. However, the sooner we identify a work that does not make us happy, the easier it will be for us to arrange the plan of the day so as to do it properly and at the same time. You already know which of your daily tasks you will save on the list of not necessarily liked? Make them immediately after you come to work when you are rested and full of energy. You will work faster and more efficiently, and the deleted from the task list will not take you thoughts all day. And remember – “putting off for later” is no solution.

Collaborators are your second family

Maybe not literally, but only think how much time you spend with your colleagues from work? A minimum of eight hours, five days a week. Good relationships with colleagues have a huge impact on the comfort of your work. So take this opportunity – go to lunch, spend breaks among members team, get to know as many people as possible. Positive attitude, interest in matters of others and readiness to help will help you win your colleagues. Ask, look for advice and support – colleagues will gladly give it to you, just ask.

Watch but don’t criticize

Regardless of whether it is your first or subsequent workplace, the senses of the new employee are extremely sharp at the beginning. You observe everything that happens around, you carefully remember and analyze. Obviously, you don’t have to like everything, in particular if you already have an idea and work or old habits. However, we warn – a critic from a beginner employee is not best seen. In particular, when it is based only on comparisons with the previous workplace. There are things you may not know about, and also those noticeable only for employees with more experience. However, if something does not let you sleep, before talking to your supervisor, try to find the cause and – more importantly – a proposal to solve the problem. Own initiative is one of the features that employers value most.

Care for good habits

New Year – new provisions. These seemingly noteworthy work can have a great influence on it. Healthy nutrition, meditation, more sport – everything that affects your well -being also affects work. If you want to achieve professional success, don’t forget about yourself and take care of your hygienic life.